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Distant Energy Healing

You can experience Divine Mother Guidance and Healing either in person or through a distant energy healing session. Distant energy healing is a healing experience that takes place over a long distance without having to be physically in the same room with a healing facilitator. You can experience Divine Mother Guidance and Healing whether you are in the same town or a different country and whether or not you are connected via a phone call or web conferencing. The experience is exactly the same.

Four decades of intense spiritual healing work has enabled Connie Huebner to develop a unique ability to connect to the energies of Divine Mother and individuals. As a result, Connie is able to experience your energy when she facilitates a healing session. She is aware of your individual energy from the moment she closes her eyes, regardless of your proximity, as she is working with your energy body, not your physical being. Her eyes remain closed during a healing session, as she is not focused on your physical form, but rather, your energy form.

Being connected in some way, such as on a telephone call, is not even necessary, although it does have the important advantage of your being able to express your intention to heal and becoming actively engaged in your healing process. 

Divine Mother is a universal energy presence. You, too, are universal, as is each individual on this planet. During a distant energy healing session, Connie connects with you in this universality and experiences your unique, vibratory template. She also connects with Divine Mother who resides in that same universality. In this Oneness experience of Divine Mother, you, and herself, Connie can facilitate a Divine Healing for you that flows from Divine Mother’s love.

During a personal healing session, whether it’s through distant energy healing or in person, Connie will ask you about your issues. She will then put her attention on your energy, which allows her to see, touch, taste, and feel with her subtle senses to perceive where blockages are in your system and to know which of the vibrational healing tools to use to clear those blockages.

Group healing sessions are conducted in the same way. Connie’s energy perceives the energy of each member of the group, regardless of whether everyone is physically present or connected through a telephone call. The attention of each individual is focused on the healing session, and that energy is available to Connie through the experience of universality or Oneness. She then experiences Divine Mother’s energy, and because the energy is universal, Divine Mother experiences the energy of each individual in the group.

In group sessions, Divine Mother does not give general information to everyone, but rather, She gives information that is very specific to each individual. This is because Her universality allows her to experience each and every person’s energy, which arises out of that Oneness. The guidance She then gives the group is very specific guidance for each member’s very specific evolution even though she speaks to the group as a whole, no matter their physical location.

When Divine Mother talks to 100 people on the telephone during a distant healing session, for example, She is aware of each person’s individual needs and works with each one individually as She speaks to the group as a whole. Every word of Divine Mother should be taken as personal guidance since she knows each individual intimately.

Everyone will embrace that Divine Guidance differently and may need specific instructions from Divine Mother as to how to proceed with that guidance.

Distant Energy Healing Through Divine Mother’s Ascension Program

Divine Mother’s Ascension Program is a very profound experience of distant energy healing that will propel you in your ascension process. Ascension is the full experience of your Oneness with God on all levels, physical as well as spiritual, mental, and vibrational. The physical body is maintained, but it becomes completely spiritualized. This marks the pinnacle of the evolution of your material existence. Your physical body is transmuted by filling it with Divine energies.

Ascension is a transformation at the cellular and atomic levels of your system. In the Ascension Program, you receive a daily infusion of Divine Mother’s Divine Light directly into your cells, facilitated by Connie. This program of daily submersion in Divine Love and Divine Grace raises your vibration to a higher level.

You are also given homework exercises, which changes the way you approach life in your thinking and behavior. 
Ascension is the direction we are all headed. You will learn about the ascension process and directly participate in it no matter where you are. You can learn more or sign up for the Ascension program here.

New Distant Energy Healing Membership Program

In this year-long membership program Connie will bring you to Divine Mother’s attention to release blockages and discord in your energy field each and every day of the year. Your energy body is the foundation for your physical body. Dissolving blocks and discord at the energy level allows your physical body to stay strong, healthy and mentally clear. Divine Mother’s consistent focus creates a powerful momentum for your healing and success in life. Give yourself and your family and friends the gift of Divine Mother’s daily attention.

Distant Energy Healing Can Offer Many Benefits, including:

  • Daily healing of the body, mind and spirit
  • Consistent energy upliftment for your happiness, success and health
  • Divine Light continuously infusing your system
  • Attention from Divine Mother every day.
  • Deepening your connection to the Divine
  • A daily boost to your subtle energy for vitality and health
  • Powering up your spiritual evolution
  • Divine Mother’s Assistance for your practical day-to-day success
  • Enhanced progress in your personal life goals
  • Increased creativity and contentment
  • Greater balance, integration and harmony in your life

You can bless others

You can sign up for this remote healing program yourself and sign up family and friends who may not even know they are recipients of this powerful healing program. It is a way to bless others who might not understand the value of this subtle Divine power and the beautiful gifts it offers.


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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You are a teacher that really cares, and I can feel that.”

I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.”

I am continually amazed at how this works.  It seems to be helping with ANY problem that comes up in my life.”

It feels wonderful, but a different kind of wonderful than being happy or elated or even relieved.  It is more like feeling free and content, unperturbed.  It is a totally different level of peace”.”