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How I Connect with Divine Mother

I connect to Divine Mother much like I would talk to you by saying your name and putting my attention on you when you are talking to me. The only difference is that I experience you on the outside of my life, and I experience Divine Mother on the inside, within my heart. So I put my attention on the deepest level within my heart. I say Her name, experience the vibration of Her name, and then locate Her with my attention at this quiet inner most subtle level of life.

I want to know what She has to say that would benefit us in our lives and help us connect to Her immense wisdom. I hear Her on the inside and repeat to you in my voice what She is saying.

It’s as if I have Her on my inner telephone and she is saying to me, “Tell them this….” -- and then I relay that to you. It is a very intimate inner conversation that I’m having, and it is a very wonderful thing to be able to bring Divine Mother’s messages to you.

I taught myself how to do this because I wanted to talk to God. Mother God embraced me and I have been in relationship with Her ever since.

Love and Light,


Is it "channeling"?

Please enjoy this brief audio clip where I answer a question "Is it channeling?" and give a description of how I converse with Divine Mother.

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Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Friend Photos

Thanks so much for these sessions!  I really enjoy how strong and clear i feel afterwards.”

I had chronic pain for many years and felt desperation and despair with it.  But now, my normal feeling level is simple happiness and contentment.  Now I love my life.”

My friend who sees auras says my auric field is more balanced and centered.”

Thank you for showing us how to bring the light back into our lives and for showing us the ways to keep increasing it.”