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This is the most powerful spiritual work I’ve done.”

Vibrational Energy Healing

What is Vibrational Energy Healing? Vibrational Energy Healing is healing that occurs on the subtlest level of your energy field, healing the vibrations that create your body.

Your body is made up of atoms that form molecules, and these molecules form cells that then form the bones, organs, and tissues that make up every part of your body.

But what forms the atoms?

Atoms are created by fluctuating particles of light. This is where Vibrational Energy Healing occurs – at a more fundamental level than the atomic level. It heals the energy that creates your physical material body.

When there is a block or confusion in the energy that supports the physical body, the physical body reflects that by manifesting a mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual problem. If it is out of balance long enough, it will cause physical damage somewhere in the system.

A person skilled in vibrational healing can find the block in the energy, release it, and then the atoms, molecules, cells, organs, and the rest of your physical system begin to heal quickly.

You are a Divine Being in physical form. You are multidimensional. You are far more than just a physical body. You have an energy field that is huge.

It is important to keep your vibrational field intact. This vibrational field is made up of a flow of life force emanating from Source. This life force is energy. When the life force is flowing strongly, you radiate vitality. Your cells are alive with life energy. When your life force flows unobstructed, you experience times when tremendous progress is made. You are happy, fulfilled, and everything is working for you.

But when something throws your vibrational flow out of balance or blocks it, discord arises. The energy gets confused, and if it isn’t corrected quickly or is allowed to remain in this state for a long period of time, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual problems arise.

Vibrational Energy Healing:

  • Corrects the vibrational flows in your subtle energy field
  • Dissolves the blockages where the energy has gotten stuck
  • Awakens the life force in your body, and the entire body becomes more healthy.

This is all very important for the health of your body.

Vibrational Energy Healing is done in a variety of ways. Connie Huebner of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing has been working for over 27 years to refine the powerful vibrational healing tools that can bring your body back to optimum health. You can learn how to heal yourself with the vibrational healing tools Connie has discovered. 

We invite you to experience a free healing session with Connie Huebner and Divine Mother to experience vibrational healing for yourself. 


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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I am finding huge rewards. I feel vastly better. I can feel the life energy flowing more strongly every day.”

I have felt huge shifts as a result of our session- Huge!  Very happy, and would like to work out a way of doing these every other week if that is possible.”

I just had to tell you how powerful, clearly understandable, and helpful—not to mention moving—this knowledge is!”

Something wonderful is happening to my life. Divine Mother is happening. The work that you do has made a profound difference in my life and in the life of my family.”