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Breaking the Ego’s Misuse of Power (Oct 1)
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Introduction to How to Self-Heal With Divine Mother’s Tools (Oct 4)
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Free - Deep Energy Healing (Oct 5)
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How to Self-Heal with Divine Mother’s Tools (Oct 20)
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I had chronic pain for many years and felt desperation and despair with it.  But now, my normal feeling level is simple happiness and contentment.  Now I love my life.”

What is Divine Guidance?

What is Divine Guidance? Divine Guidance is a message from God to you. It is knowledge, wisdom, and guidance that comes from the Divine Source. The Divine Source is within everyone. Everyone has the ability to receive Divine Guidance.

Divine Guidance is healing. It changes your life. Divine Guidance knows the wisest course for you to follow.

People get in trouble because they don’t have access to Divine Guidance. Their hearts are afraid and blocked, so the guidance can’t come through. Often when the guidance does come through, the mind disbelieves or discredits it.

But Divine Guidance comes from the purity of the heart. It comes from the place where the individual and the Divine are One. If you are able to stay in that space, the guidance comes freely to enrich your life.

The purpose of Divine Guidance is to bring you closer to God. People have gotten so far away from their Divine roots. We have gotten lost in our small mind and its fears. The only way we can be happy again is to come back into direct contact with our Divine Source. Divine Guidance brings us back into contact with Source and reminds us that we always have a direct contact to the Divine, to God.

Divine Guidance puts you in direct connection with the Divine voice. That voice is not outside of you: it is within you. It is within your heart and it's available. It is ready to give you all of the knowledge, direction, and support that you need.

Most of the time we ignore that direct contact, so Divine Guidance seems difficult to achieve and receive. In this world of the confused, fearful mind, Divine Guidance has become blocked in most people. So it is necessary to unblock and free up the connection.

Divine Mother wants to help you get back on track, away from fear, suffering, and despair. She can bring you back to your path and heal your wounds She can release you from the pain of living separate and alone, abandoned and forgotten.

Divine Mother loves you. She wants to talk to you.

Connie Huebner receives Divine Guidance from Divine Mother that is powerful, pure, uplifting, expanding, healing, and deeply centering. Connie has spent 27 years uncovering Divine Guidance and teaches people how to uncover it within themselves.

You can learn to receive guidance from Divine Mother and enrich your life with a relationship with Her. You will need some healing and guidance. Divine Mother has given Connie Huebner vibrational healing tools and techniques to break the blockages to hearing Divine Guidance. You can use those tools to expand and deepen your progress every day.

You can learn how to receive Divine Guidance within yourself whenever you ask for it. You are a great Being of Light. You can talk to Divine Mother. You can know Her love, and you can receive Divine Wisdom. This is the beauty of the Divine relationship, the beauty of Divine Mother who wants you to have everything She offers.

What is Divine Guidance? It is empowering to who you are and can give you great strength to move forward in your life. Divine Mother will give you specific steps to heal yourself and create the life that you want.

Divine Mother loves you. She wants you to receive her guidance. Connie Huebner has taught many people to receive Divine Messages and talk to Divine Beings. You can learn to Dialogue with Divine Mother yourself.


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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You will never know just how much I appreciate what you have done by introducing me to Divine Mother because I dont think I am able to fully express how much it means or the extent of my gratitude.”

What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for your blog posts!”

I have felt huge shifts as a result of our session- Huge!  Very happy, and would like to work out a way of doing these every other week if that is possible.”

Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love.