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I just had to tell you how powerful, clearly understandable, and helpful—not to mention moving—this knowledge is!”

What is Life Force?

What is Life Force? It is the flow of Infinite Silence into action. The Universe is structured so that everything arises out of the infinite pure Source, which holds all the potential for life. But Source itself is formless.

Life Force is the “form” or ’expression” of this unbounded unlimited Source in time and space. Life Force flows out of the unbounded Source to create everything we know of as life. What is Life Force when it flows unobstructed in its pure form? It is the manifestation of beauty, balance, and freedom in life. When Life Force is blocked, the beauty, balance, and freedom are compromised.

The heart generates the vibration of love. It receives Life Force and then generates, activates, and increases the flow of love as the flow of Life Force. Focusing on the heart helps you to increase Life Force in your heart center, to create more of this vital Life Force energy. The Heart is a generator of life energy, a generator of love, sustaining you in your relationship with God.

What is Life Force? It is the power that is transforming this planet. Life Force has been repressed on this Earth…denied. Life Force is Divine Mother. Divine Mother is returning to Mother Earth in Her strength and power to transform the planet. Life Force is awakening in you, surging through you…and connecting you to others who are opening to their Life Force, and magnifying it so that all of Mother Earth wakes up.

What happens when Life Force becomes blocked in human beings?

Nature is perfect. It doesn’t make any mistakes. It handles challenges elegantly and continues to create.

In human beings, the choice to block creation is consciously unintended and comes from an unconscious fear. It is the unconscious fear that needs to be dissolved before it can cause destruction in the body or the environment.

It is natural for your body to be aligned with the flow of Life Force that is maintaining all life in the Universe. Problems can develop when something dismantles or obstructs this natural flow. All the problems in a human life are coming from a blockage which creates misalignment on the subtlest level of our energy flow.

Your physical system is comprised of vibrational fluctuations at the atomic and subatomic level. If your atomic and subatomic levels become misaligned with your Life Force, troubles can develop and present in your physical system as disease, mental discord, or emotional disturbance. What has really happened is that the fluctuations at this most subtle level have been pushed out of the natural flow.

If you are sick, Life Force isn’t getting into your body. Life Force is blocked somewhere. All the problems can be corrected by dissolving discordant energy patterns and energy blockages. That is what vibrational energy healing can handle and why energy healing is so necessary.

Vibrational energy healing is available for this purpose, but unfortunately, few people are using it at this time in history. It needs to be brought back as a viable method of healing. It is reemerging now to change the suffering caused by the loss of the knowledge of Life Force.

Energy healing is a gift that comes from Life Force. As Life Force moves out of Infinite Silence to create the Universe, one of the gifts it provides is vibrational energy healing.

Divine Mother Guidance and Healing vibrational healing tools are gifts that unblock Life Force on your subtlest levels. They dissolve unconscious fear and allow your Life Force to flow through you to create good health, emotional balance, and spiritual growth. You can experience them in any of the Energy Healing Classes or Energy Healing Courses offered, or during a private healing session with Connie Huebner, or by using the recorded healing sessions or vibrational healing tools available through the store. Increase Life Force and enjoy more a radiant, healthy, and happy life.


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Thank You Divine Mother and thank you Connie, this was very lovely and I feel lighter all over” 

I so value being a part of your community - it so supports my longing to fully engage my Divine Nature” 

You are the best thing that has happened to me.”

Thanks for opening my heart so much and helping me to experience love at such deep and profound levels.  My life will never be the same.”