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Feast of Light, June 18, 2019 (June 18)
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Breaking the Grasp of Fear - Jun 19, 2019 (Jun 19)
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Empower Your Will - June 22nd, 2019 (Jun 22)
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Feast of Light, June 25, 2019 (June 25)
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The June Prosperity Healing was very powerful.” 

Wisdom from Divine Mother

Having fun with Divine Mother

Posted on May 26, 2019 in Ask Divine Mother

"I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth.

We are one, and I am teaching you about our oneness. I want you to recognize me as one with you. Yet we have a relationship. So that means we appear as two, and we embrace as one. I am here to remind you that we are one. I am here to draw you in to our union. I am here to laugh and play with you as two. Yet we are one.

How is this mystery allowed? How can we be two and yet one? Trust me. It is time to break through. Though I come to you as if I am separate, I know that I am not. And I want you to know that I am not. So I draw you in to my circle of Love. I draw you in.

I am the Mother of creation. I created you out of myself, so you are myself. But you have forgotten. You have been playing and exploring the creation. It is so interesting. It is so fascinating that you have gotten lost in it. But now it’s time to come home, to remember that we are one and to come in to the majesty of your co-creation with me so that we can enjoy this creation as co-creators of it. I want you to be on the status of God, a creator, a co-creator with me. Because it is in our co-creation, in our relationship that we have fun, that we have newer and fresher experiences of beauty of wonder and of intelligence and of manifestation."

Extend your awareness into Divine Mother

Posted on June 23, 2017 in Ask Divine Mother

"I am the Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth and Love.Soften into me. Extend your awareness into me. Let it be that we are One. Let it be. Don’t fight it mentally. Let it be. It is the Truth. Extend your awareness into me, and let it be."

Don’t hide who you are

Posted on April 11, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Divine Mother:

I do not want you to be afraid anymore. I don’t you want to be terrified anymore of being yourself. Your Self has been denied many times because other people fear it, because it reminds them that they are not being themselves. They are hiding, and you cannot hide anymore. It’s too painful.

You are the way the Truth and the Life. You know the Truth. And you know the Way. And you know the Life, the Divine Life, the Truth of your Infinite Wholeness and union with the Divine. You know that. Your mind may have been trained differently, but your heart knows that. And the untruth in the mind is being broken and shattered now. Let it go. You know the Truth. You know the Life that you are meant to live, and you know the Way, the way to walk and the way to proceed. And this is what I am waking up now, and calling you into. It is nothing other than calling you into yourself.

This terror that has caused you to hide in yourself, to put up walls, to run away from what you know, from who you are, is nothing. It’s truly nothing. It does not exist. It has convinced you of its existence. But if you look into it, if you walk into it, it evaporates. It’s nothing. Yes, it has generated a lot of fear, a lot of pain, a lot of suffering because you believed it. Don’t believe it any more. Don’t believe it. Don’t buy into it. It is a fake. When you face it and walk into it and look at it, it just evaporates.

Your heart knows the Truth. You are not a small mind. You are an Infinite mind, one with the Divine Mind. Yet, the small, terrified ego mind has tried to run your life always based on fear, on the need to control because it’s terrified.

Stand in the Truth of who you are in your heart, and you cannot be afraid. You cannot be intimidated by this fake, this fake terror. I am shifting your perspective. I want you to know the Truth. I want you to embrace the Truth. Fear is always a lie. When you are afraid, you are embracing the untruth. There is something off. Dissolve it. Shatter it. Break it.

I would like you to say inwardly, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.” That phrase “I am the Life,” that is very important. You are claiming Life when you claim your True Self. When you are compromising, hiding your True Self, a part of you has died, a part of you is not being allowed to express, to be.

Inwardly again say, “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.” That very phrase is healing your body right now. It’s healing all those vibrations of fear and pain that you’ve accumulated over the lifetimes. It’s healing the small self, the ego self. The Truth can set you free, and I want to set you free. I am the Divine Mother. I am here to free my children from the bondage of fear and ignorance and pain. This is an insult to me that my children have to live under these circumstances. I will not allow it any longer." 

I am bringing you back to who you are

Posted on March 7, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Question: I am watching and taking all this in and this compassion of Divine Mother for us. So thank you for your willingness to do this. I’ve got a comment and a question. It was really intense, like most sessions I’ve been to. I think that a lot of the issues that I have, and probably others have, are trust issues from a past life, things where seemingly Divine Mother and Truth have been thwarted or trumped by inferior societal powers. It’s just confusing. Also, in this lifetime for myself and probably for others, there has been this experience of constant thwarting in the throat and in the will to what we want to express and do. Any comments?

Divine Mother:

"That’s why you’re here today, to bring you back into your power, into your balance. We talked about the small mind and how it tries to throw you off-balance, not because it wants to, but because it’s afraid. It’s operating from fear. It’s operating from a sense of unworthiness, shame, from things that have happened in the past and now need to be healed. Yes, so your chakras get lined up and empowered, which is what we do every time we heal the chakra system. We focus on one chakra, and you line up all the others with it.

You are Divine Beings. Your Divine nature is what brings you here. Your Divine nature is what is loving you so much that it walks your physical body over here or walks your body to the telephone to pick it up and listen to this. It’s about your Divine nature.. That’s why we do this. That’s why we’re here: to bring you into who you are and where you really come from.

When you settle deep, when we go into Divine Mother’s home, this is your Real Source. This is your Real Home. You are a Divine Being. We are simply reminding you, not just reminding you mentally, but transforming you by exposing you to the energy of who you really are. And your system jumps to embrace it. That’s what’s happening.

Love yourself. Love yourself. Do whatever is necessary to Love. Discipline the small mind when you’re on the surface to stop thinking those self-defeating, negative thoughts. That’s your part. Ask for the Grace and put your attention on the Grace.
It’s really about the attention. Healing is about attention, moving your attention to what is whole, what is life-giving, what is sustaining you.

So if the attention goes to something that is detrimental to you, move it. It takes an act of will. It takes an act of will to move it, but it’s well worth moving. It eliminates suffering to move it. Then we get going with the creation. We get creating, and that’s where the fun comes in."

How to Talk to Divine Mother

Posted on March 4, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Divine Mother:

"First, stay clear in the heart, very clear. Now most of these vibrational tools I am talking about are clearing of discordant energy, so when you use them, or when you lift your vibration by calling in Divine Light, it heals you and lifts you out of this heavy, dense discord – as I have done today, pouring in Divine Light, pouring in Divine Love. These are things that change the energy, that keep you clear.

There are other things that can clear you: meditation, prayer, and chanting -- chanting names of God specifically, from whatever tradition. The names of God cleanse you. They bring you into that Infinite Source. The healing tools bring you into the Infinite Source. That’s what they are for, to bring you into that Wholeness at the source of creation.

So, when you are clear, you can say my name, “Divine Mother.” Try it now. You are all clear now. Just say “Divine Mother.” Now say it silently inside, just a whisper in your heart. Then wait, noticing my response. If you’re not sure, just say, “Divine Mother, show yourself to me.” Then hesitate. Wait. It is subtle. I’m subtle. I’m vibration. If you’re still not sure, just keep saying “Divine Mother, where are you?”

My name is the way to find me.When you notice something, say, “Are you Divine Mother?” Say that. “Are you Divine Mother?” The answer will either be yes or no. The “yes” is always an expansion or a deepening. The “no” would be a contraction or nothing. So you can start talking to me. There’s more to it definitely, but this is the beginning.

Then say, “Do you come in the name of God?” That’s a very important discernment question, just so you don’t get mixed up. “Do you come in the name of God?” Again, you’re looking for an expansion which would be a positive response, or a contraction which is no. You don’t really want to look for the contraction. It just might be there.

You might see Light. The answer will come in different ways through the senses. Light is a visual sense. When you see the Light, you again say, “Are you Divine Mother?” And see what the Light does. If it expands or enlivens, you’re getting the “yes” answer. It is a “yes” answer if it takes you deeper.

Other people might get a feeling, the sense of touch. Anyone feel the sense of touch? You might feel warmth or happiness, joy, sweetness in the heart, love like in a womb. These are more a sense of touch - although some of the senses are crossing over. They do at the subtle level.

So this is your sense of touch picking up on the subtle presence of the Divine. One person said she had a sweetness in her heart, but the word “sweetness” implies taste as well, subtle taste originating in the heart. So you could get a sense of taste.
You could get a Divine scent or smell. Some people smell things, good things. Trust.

So this is an indication you are in the presence of the Divine, or the Divine is in the presence of you. You are starting a relationship. You’re starting to get to know very intimately the Divine Mother. This is a good beginning.

Hearing of course, is if you hear the voice. Some people hear the voice saying, “I’m here,” or “I Love you.” That’s the subtle hearing. Obviously that’s what I’m using, Connie, to give you this message. But other senses are very enlivened as I give the message. Lots of Light is present. Someone here in the class is saying that it is like falling in Love with her. Beautiful. Love. Yes. Very common. Divine Mother exudes Love. Thank you.
I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth.

You’re beautiful. I love you deeply. I want to teach you how to communicate with me and how to trust the communication. This is our beginning, but there will be more. It’s getting easier to sense Divine energies than it was in the past. The reason it is easier is because the atmosphere of the earth is cleaning up, lightening up. The subtle vibration is changing. So I can make my presence known more powerfully. I can get your attention more easily. So let’s practice."

How to relate to Jesus Christ

Posted on February 29, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Divine Mother:

"I am Jesus Christ. I am here to smash everything in your temple that is not pure. Help me. Let me give you the treasure that you deserve and the world will bow at your feet. You will never be hungry. You will never not have a roof over your head. You will always be sustained.

I come in the name of Love. Love does not withhold. Love gives. I only want you to know this Love. Knowing this Love removes all obstacles. Trusting this Love creates kingdoms of Light. The Divine Love, feel it now. Be it now. You are being born. You are letting go. You are remembering yourself.

Say my name again, “Jesus Christ,” within you. My name can save you. Keep repeating my name. My name has the power to illuminate you, to change everything for you. Don’t resist. Stay expanded, soft. My name is who I am. The power of who I am is in my name. As you soften more, say my name.

Let the power of my name restore you. Let the power of my name collapse the untruth in you. Bring the power of my name to every fear you harbor. The softer and the subtler you can say my name, the more powerful its influence in your life will be. So say it softly, internally. Let its vibration expand through you to the infinite degree, “Jesus Christ.”

I don’t want your mind. I want your heart. Break the structures in the mind that have defamed my name, structures of doctrine for centuries which have taught lies in my name. I want you to know who I am within you. No one else has to teach you who I am. Say my name. Meet me inside of you.

You don’t need an intercessor. You are meeting me right now. Continue to soften in the brain. I want you to be authentic. I don’t want you to be what anyone else tells you to be. Be authentic in your heart. You have been told a thousand things. Now meet me and find out who you are and who I am. Be authentic, authentically you. Retrain your thinking.

Let me train your thinking, but not through any doctrine, through who I am. The doctrines have debauched me. I am coming back now to show everyone who I am and I am coming in your heart, not your mind, not your book, in you, in your heart. I have had enough of these lies about me. The truth is being revealed again in you and I don’t want you to rely on anyone else’s truth. Keep saying my name deeper and deeper.

Take a question, any question, a spiritual concept or an everyday decision—take it into your heart and say my name and then deeper, clearing your whole system of all of the chatter of the world. The world has too much chatter. Clear your system of the chatter of the world.

Say my name, “Jesus Christ,” softer and softer and then reference your question. Come back to me again, “Jesus Christ.” I will give you the answer, but your thinking mind gets impatient. It starts chattering. It starts trying to give you pat answers or answers from the doctrines you have studied. These are old answers. Come to your heart in this moment using my name.

I have made a promise to the world and I cannot go back on it. I have made a promise to redeem you and I will not go back on that. I am coming again in your heart where I can be most authentic; where the world can’t put me in boxes and put me in books. I want to be in you, alive, awake.

So now I am teaching you individually, one on one. I will teach anyone who says my name with sincerity in your heart. This is my promise. I made it before. I am now making it again. The chatter of the world has distracted you. Money has distracted you. Fear has distracted you. The threat of a world cataclysm has distracted you. Pain has distracted you. Chatter, mental chatter that is what we are breaking, shattering.

You can say it in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew—I will answer you. I will guide you. I will redeem you. There is a power in me, given to me by my Father, my Father-Mother, Mother-Father, as we are calling it here. It is the same. Mother, Father, Infinite Creator, the power through which I act. I want you to know it.

I want you to thrill with it the way I do. The power is not understood on this planet, not valued much. It is the power through which I do everything and even the word does not do it justice. I feel a new word is needed, a word that is untainted by this world of pain. It is the power; perhaps you are feeling it now.

Say my name again, intending to be shown the power through which I do everything. Say my name. Ask to be shown the power. Ask to be given the power through which I, Jesus Christ, do everything. Own it. Be it. Live it. Soften into it. Relax into it. Expand into it. Now live your life.

Go out and break the falseness in the temples everywhere. Break it your way. You know what to do. You know how to break the ignorance. I give you my power to do it and my protection. Notice that energy. Be moved by this energy. You are electric with it now. Keep it. Protect it. Hold it and increase it: the Life of God.

I am Jesus Christ. We are Jesus Christ. Stay deep. Don’t accept the lies. Don’t let anyone get away with a lie. Start smashing the tables and the temples. My gratitude is empowering you. When your mind starts to be too chatty, soften the mind and say my name. Silent minds are more powerful. I need your power. You need your power. Stay soft and silent in your mind. Your heart is your anchor and you find that anchor by saying my name, “Jesus Christ.”

How to create change in your environment

Posted on February 26, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Question: My question is about creating change in your environment. Is it to act from focusing your attention on your community, your neighbors?

Divine Mother:

"When you focus your attention, you not only focus your attention, but you keep softening through the attention. So to create a response, you focus and you maintain your awareness of the Infinite Source. You maintain your awareness in the Infinite at the same time. So as you are developing this skill, because you will become better at it with practice, you effect change more and more quickly.

Yes, now sometimes you will notice that there is a quick response. Other times, there is a need for healing to take place. So that’s why there are the Divine Mother healing tools -- to clear disruptive energy around the whatever the intent you have is. Then you are able to do that as well.

So you are focusing, you clear what needs to be cleared, using “Go into the Light” or “Break” or whatever is necessary. But the real key is that as you focus, keep softening. Softening is that connection deeper and deeper into the Infinite Source. You’re generating the result, though you are not attached as to how the result is going to manifest.

So the process is: have the intention, focus your attention and especially do this from your heart center not your head. It is much more powerful coming from the heart. Keep softening and then allow. Allowing is to allow the results. Then you just do that again and again.

But you aren’t going to direct the results. You are letting go into the Source so that the Divine Intelligence can create the best possible result. So it’s a focus, then a softening throughout the focus, and then a letting go and allowing. Focus, soften, allow. You can remember it like that."

How do we talk to other people about Love?

Posted on February 22, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Question: If we are sitting with people who aren’t used to this kind of talk – about more Love coming in and the earth changing, maybe they are and maybe they’re not at the level we are. What do you suggest we say?

Divine Mother:

"I suggest you say that it’s changing. There are people who are aware of this condition and are very powerfully bringing Light into it, and start to talk to them about Love. It’s important that they start to hear about Love. Even if they make fun of it, start to talk about it.

The old way, the ignorant way is to make fun of it. Start to talk about the development of the heart and the unity of all people. Just say your piece. Don’t worry if they make fun of you. Making fun of someone is a position coming from ignorance. So we are compassionate with them. It’s a lack of self-respect which out-pictures as a lack of respect for someone else.

You’ve experienced much worse than being made fun of in your many lifetimes, and perhaps they won’t make fun of you. Call on me. Say, “Divine Mother, be here. Surround this person with Light.” In fact, you can even be pouring Light into the dinner conversation before you even speak. Even as they’re speaking about the negative, start pouring in the Light, and you’re going to change the way that conversation is going. Try that.

You have these subtle tools. You can utilize them without even saying them out loud. It’s about attention and intention, and this is what you are all about. This is what a Divine Master is all about. So start using the subtle tools in the midst of this type of conversation, and then bring up your points. Love unifies. I’m giving you a few talking points, and unity is what’s needed. Then pour in more Light and more Light, breaking their old mindsets. Those vibrational tools are very significant in situations like this."

An Exercise to Ground the Body

Posted on February 11, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Divine Mother:

"Soften in the base of the body, the seat. Let your attention go there. It’s a very grounding place to focus. If you are ever feeling spaced out or out of touch with your body and activities, just focus on the base. Put your attention there. Now breathe in, letting the breath come from the base. As you breathe, allow the breath to come from the base, as if you’re sucking it up from the base. Then exhale from the heart. So the in-breath is coming from the base, and then exhaling through the heart, the breath going out through the heart. You are inhaling through the base, and then exhaling out the heart.

This is a very grounding exercise using the first four chakras. The breath is coming out from the earth, into the base and exhaling out through the heart, inhaling through the base and exhaling out the heart. I’ll expand that. Bring it up from the earth and into the base, and out the heart. Up from the earth, into the base, and as you exhale it’s out the heart. It is very strengthening to your system. As you walk the planet, it keeps you grounded. It keeps your Divine nature stabilized in the body, where you as an earth being need to be in order to give what you are here to give. Breathing in and flowing out.

This is why you have manifested in earth bodies, in a physical form. You are Divine Beings that have taken a physical form to assist Mother Earth in her lifting, to ground Divine energy through your physical form.

So you have this technique. Any time you need to be grounded use this. Any time you want to accomplish something and it isn’t being accomplished, something you want to create in the world, this technique of enlivening Divine energy in your lower chakras will assist you. Breathing in from the base and exhaling through the heart."

Trust your innocence

Posted on February 8, 2016 in Ask Divine Mother

Divine Mother:

"Soften in the brain. Softening in the brain heals your heart, melts all those subtle structures of constriction, judgment, doubt, worry. Then the heart can open fearlessly.

The Divine You is fearless
and innocent. Innocence is fearless. Inwardly say, “I give myself permission to trust my innocence.” In your innocence, your intuition is awake, alert. You know when to act and when to be silent. The innocent you is not going to hide any more. The innocent you is the Real You."


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Friend Photos
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Friend Photos

You will never know just how much I appreciate what you have done by introducing me to Divine Mother because I dont think I am able to fully express how much it means or the extent of my gratitude.”

Thank you Divine Mother for your endless love and support. Thank you for helping me to release all that no longer serves me” 

Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”

Through the techniques you teach, love has awakened a sense of knowing and self-value that has expanded into all areas of my life.”