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Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”

Creating Wealth

Posted on March 11, 2012 in Ask Divine Mother

Question:   In our healing session today, you were having us break the air above our heads. What were we breaking into when we were breaking the air above the head?

Divine Mother:   Above your head, there are streams of Light flowing all the time. You were opening a particular stream that can assist you in moving your life into abundance.

I want to point out that abundance doesn't just have to do with money. This is a very small percentage of the abundance that I am speaking of. Accessing this vibration of abundance will help you embrace the Truth of wealth. The Truth of wealth is far more than just having cash in your pocket or savings in the bank.

I want you to vibrate, resonate in the Truth of your wealth. Then whatever kind of wealth you need will easily fill you. That is what we were doing. The flows of Light all around you all the time have gifts, but if you don't know about the gifts or know how to receive them, they simply pass you by. So today we were opening your perception to what is being given to you. So you will be using your perceptions, and I mean not just your sense perceptions, but your intuitive perceptions, your heart's perceptions, to receive the gifts that are being offered and be able to do something with them.

You are a multi-dimensional being. Every level of your existence is available to you, but you haven't been accessing the subtle levels frequently. So now you have access to the subtle levels, and they are going to start engaging you so that you can use them easily and actively.

Because of the density on this plane, it was as if we had to knock hard on the door a few times, to let this frequency know that it was wanted here and that we wanted the door to be opened. It took some time for that energy that is used to just moving by to stop and turn and say, "Oh, I am needed here. Someone is knocking on my door and asking me to enter.”

Question:   Can Divine Mother give us a vision of what we are creating?

Divine Mother:   Yes. First of all, the heart needs to be opened to really embrace this vision. This is why I am working to constantly clear the heart. It is a vision of unity, of connection, of love and compassion toward your fellow humans. Some people are afraid to offer love and compassion, because they are afraid they will lose something. This is not true. That is a belief system coming from the old paradigm of there is only so much to go around and I have this much and I can't give it away. That is an old paradigm that has to break.

A new technique to change the experience of contracted energy around wealth to expanded energy around wealth:

The vision is that of unity and exchange of energy, which is really exchange of love, where no one loses. What I want to emphasize is that the old way is that if I have $10 and I give you five, I only have five left. But the truth is that if I have $10 and I give you five dollars, I have $15. The mind does not understand that. The heart not only understands it, but creates it. So when you have $10 and you give five, instead of contracting, you expand to $15. So wealth is generated. We are creating the wealth. We are creating it by changing the experience of contracted energy around wealth to expanded energy around wealth.

Work with this even now, because that old mindset of give and take of “I win, you lose”, that is a structure that must collapse. So even when you give $30 for your groceries, let your energy expand and on a subtle level, you now have $30 more. Work with that on an energetic level and soon you will see it on the surface level. Everything starts at the level of energy. If we block things on the surface level, everything that is moving to us from the energetic level is blocked.

So just start to play with this and start to open up the energy. This is the vision that I want to give you of expansion, not contraction, especially expansion in the exchange of finances, because finances are energy and money is a symbol of energy, energy flowing. That's why we have had to completely collapse the old way. It doesn't work. It is causing much stagnation. You can see the stagnation in the poverty levels of the world. That is huge stagnation of energy. So Mother Earth won't have that anymore. Her evolution is shaking it off. I have an image of a dog that is wet and shaking the water off. That's what the Mother Earth is doing, shaking off all this old mud. That is the vision.

It is the same vision in terms of health and governments holding back from each other. That all has to change to one government acknowledging all the different areas and sections of the world, a unity instead of separation. Fighting is indicative of the separation. That is the new vision. It is very beautiful. Thank you for helping this occur.

Question:   It seems like we are talking about very old principles like, “Ask and you will receive”. Is there a new principal coming like, “Unite and you will receive”?

Divine Mother:   It is the same principle. It's just that the old principles haven't been used. They have become mental structures of separation. They haven't been lived. So if “Unite to receive” will signal that energetic process, then that is a good new phrase to use for that same old principle. Very good: “Unite to receive.”

It is just a different phrasing of the principle that has been the way to live. That's why scriptures have presented these principles, “Give and you will receive”.

Energetically, it is the same process. It is basically: let go and receive. Let go, break the boundaries, and allow the Wholeness to present. It is the same principle, just worded differently. It obviously needs to be refreshed. Another good one would be: “Let go and receive”.

Question:   What can we do to smooth the path? How can we have a smooth path, collectively?

Divine Mother:   First of all, I want to talk about the individual because I have you here and I've given you everything I have to give you today, and I want you to use it. I want you to start doing what we have said: looking to the expansion instead of the contraction, even breaking the structures of the contraction when you hear it on the news or hear someone talking about it. Inwardly, use your prayer tools and say, "break, break". Say to the person, "Let's look at where segments of the society are growing."

You can help me collectively by moving people’s attention to the expansion. That's how you will help yourself and also help others. You will help me greatly in that way by changing where people's attention is.

I have mentioned many times that where your attention is, is where your awareness, the Wholeness of awareness is. Wholeness creates, so attention on destruction can create more destruction. So we want the attention on the expansion.

That is the way. As far as the larger collective -- stay big. Let your heart expand. Let your heart be an ocean. This is going to wash away the pain, the pain that people are talking about. The pain is what they are talking about. It is an identification with pain globally. We need to wash that away. We have to have enough Wholeness, enough consciousness, enough infinity lively. What makes Infinity lively is attention on it and intention to experience it. Attention and intention wake it up.

The big thing is to do your prayers, do your meditation, do your chanting, do everything you know to wake it up. All of the things that wake it up are needed right now. That's globally what is going to break the structure of the pain. Everyone relates to the pain and the collapse. We need to break that pain.

This whole thing about the square root of 1% is significant. It isn't that we have to have every single person in the world acknowledging the Infinite. We simply need a certain amount to tip the scales.

Then all the pain goes sliding into the ocean and dissolves. Everything that you do to support that will shift it globally. It is happening. We would like it to happen faster. You are not alone in that desire. All of the Divine Beings in the subtle would like to see it happen more quickly. Thank you for your question. It was a beautiful question.


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