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My friend who sees auras says my auric field is more balanced and centered.”

Actions of Ms. Tuff, who averted a school shooting this week

Posted on August 31, 2013 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question: Could Divine Mother comment on the actions of Ms. Tuff, who averted a school shooting this week?

Divine Mother:
I love her! She did a beautiful thing and she transformed someone, which is also very powerful and beautiful. She healed him of the energies that were violent and attacking. I am deeply grateful. This is what you can do – not that I want you to come up against someone with a gun, but you can use your love, your connection to me, to God, to change a situation – to move darkness into Light. Trust yourself. This is just an example of how Love and Light transform hate and pain.
The world needs more Ms. Tuffs. You help her.
Thank you!

Civil rights march in Washington: 50th anniversary

Posted on August 24, 2013 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question: Today there is a civil rights march in Washington commemorating the 50th anniversary of the original one in 1963. Would Divine Mother comment on this?

Divine Mother: I am Divine Mother, I come in the name of Love. All my people are One. No-one is better than anyone else. Everyone should be treated with dignity. I am with those who are marching for a better world, for love and respect, for equal rights, for peace in the human heart, for freedom from fear. Divine Love is pouring into this march, this commemoration, more Divine Love, more Divine Love, more and more Divine Love. Bring on the Love!

It is the Love, it is the consciousness of Unity that makes people stop hurting each other. You are only hurting yourself when you hurt another person or when you deprive another person of their birthright. We must continue to fill the world with Light, to keep lighting the Truth, and the experience of Truth, in the hearts of all my people, all my people. Keep helping me. You help me every time you are kind to someone. 

Right now, we are pouring Love and Light into this event. We must continue, we must continue. Thank you. This must continue, until there is no more prejudice. The civil rights march is very big – it is not just about this country (the USA) – but this country is making itself heard in this area.

The Boston Marathon Bombings

Posted on April 16, 2013 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Divine Mother comments on the Boston Marathon bombings. 

Enjoy this brief audio clip, or read the text below.

(Click the small arrow below to start the audio message. Please be sure your computer speakers are turned on so you will hear it.)

Question:   Can you comment on the Boston Marathon bombings?

Divine Mother:   I am Divine Mother, I come in the Name of Love, I come in the Name of Truth.

Trust yourself. You know this was a tragedy.

People are confused, there is fear, there is pain and in their fear and pain, there is violence. This violence has to end. However until it is completely eradicated from this planet, I want you to avoid negative thinking and that includes fear. You do not have to be afraid.

Soften in your heart. Find the peace in your heart. Find the compassion for those who are so terrified, so confused, that all they know is destruction. Keep softening in your heart, filling yourself, and disolving all these tendencies towards anger, blame, destruction. Look to yourself in times like this because you can stabilize the instability in this world.

Don’t let the world’s instability pull you off balance. You are here to build stability. It can only be built by your being solid in your Self, not pulled off by the mind’s investigations into pain. Stay solid within your Self. Be an example for others. Be compassionate to those who have been harmed by this tragedy. Be compassionate for this country that is consistently being harmed by tragedies of this nature.

Stand in the Truth, stand in the power of the Unity of all people, the Oneness of all people. Trust your Self, heal Mother Earth. There is confusion, there is fear, there is lack of stability. It is that lack of stability that causes outbreaks of violence, frustration, because people are not connected to their Source, their Divine Source. Stay centered, be compassionate, offer your love and assistance, but do not get drawn in to the energies that create this kind of confusion.

Those who would manipulate will take advantage of this kind of event to manipulate people into a fear reaction. Stay strong in your heart, break thoughts of fear, dissolve them. You are the leaders, you are leading from your heart. We are compassionate to both the victims and the perpetrators of such deeds. We are not condoning them, we are removing these kinds of behaviors from this planet.

This is a symptom there is still dis-ease in the human race. We are here to heal this dis-ease, we are here to transform this earth. We can do it, we will do it. These kinds of outbreaks will melt away.

Thank you for your question.

The resignation of the Pope

Posted on March 7, 2013 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question:   Would Divine Mother comment on the resignation of the Pope? Is there any significance for anyone, everyone?

Divine Mother:  I am Divine Mother, I come in the name of the Truth.

He is a good man who recognizes when he has had enough. There is a new vibration in the world, a new spiritual vibration. New leaders must step up to it or their work will become old and worn out. So this is an indication of a great spiritual leader recognizing that it is time to let go to this new vibration, let it come in, and retire. This is what needs to happen now because the spiritual life of the whole planet is changing and the vibration of love is overtaking. Any dogma or doctrine that does not break through to pure love is going to be crumbled, dissolved. So this is a good sign. He knows his doctrine needs to change, shift, expand and he is allowing it, letting go.

It is a perfect example of letting go to something greater, something more relevant, more filled with light. It is beautiful, very beautiful. He is very powerful and pure in his heart, he is moving with the change of the times. He is surrendering to the change. He is letting go and allowing the new flower to come up. It is perfect.

It is a great lesson for all spiritual leaders. He is a leader among spiritual leaders, to be able to let go this way. Thank you.

The significance of the date 12-12-12

Posted on December 12, 2012 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question:  Today is 12-12-12. Can you comment on the significance of this date?

Divine Mother:   My energy is coming completely into the planet now.     

I am healing the planet with my Light.  There is a very powerful infusion of my Divine Love energy on this day.  The day 12.12.12 is the opening of many streams of Light to embrace Mother Earth coming from the deepest levels of my Infinite Heart.  
Bringing more energy of Divine Love onto the planet will cause more transformation, more heart opening, more purification.  This is the significance of this day.
The best way to receive it is to be in communion with me.  Do your spiritual practices -- meditation, prayers, chanting, etc., and receive me.   The power is inside you to transform yourself and your planet.  Embrace it.

Divine Mother Comments on the Upcoming Presidential Election

Posted on October 27, 2012 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Divine Mother shares her interesting perspective in a brief 3-minute comment on the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

(Click the small arrow below to start the audio message. Be sure your computer speakers are turned up so you will hear it.)

Divine Mother Comments on the Aurora Massacre

Posted on July 21, 2012 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Divine Mother:   I am Divine Mother I come in the name of Love. Stay in Love. Send love to all the people in Aurora, their lives have been traumatized. We are here on this planet to heal this kind of wrong. We are here to heal the violence in the hearts of those who cannot love. I am with all those in Aurora who are suffering. Do not let your heart fall into hate. Focus on the love that can heal this condition. I am depending on you to help me increase the Love on this planet.

Valuing the social impact of business

Posted on June 12, 2012 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question:   I would like to know what Divine Mother has to say about an online article I read recently that said some US companies are valuing their social impact as much as the bottom line. They are being called "benefit companies". Also the article said that some state legislatures are expected to pass legislation that will protect these companies.

Divine Mother:   I am Divine Mother, I come in the name of Divine Truth. This news reflects a significant shift. Thank you for your prayers for Mother Earth. Thank you for healing your own fears around prosperity. Keep pouring Divine Light into the companies and the state legislatures to keep this momentum vibrant and flowing.

Can you comment on the recent declines in the financial markets?

Posted on August 11, 2011 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question:   I was wondering if Divine Mother could comment on the recent dramatic declines in the world financial markets and perhaps give us a larger perspective of what’s going on.

Divine Mother:   I am going to tell you that it’s time. It’s time for the world to stop hoarding. It’s time for the world to share. It’s time for the world to stop putting so much value in these markets. The world has become very imbalanced. Value is being misplaced. And so this has to come to an end. This is why this is happening. Real value is not known—only by very few on this planet. And this must end. So, this is a way that it is ending. And it will end. Value must be placed properly. You are not going to see me unhappy about this. I will take care of those who know me and want me to help them. I am also taking care of those who do not know me by showing them how they have misplaced value. I love everyone and some of my children do not understand how to place their value. So I must teach them. I am teaching. I am teaching lots of people, that they have misplaced value and must find the real value in life. Let go. Suffering will not come out of this. That is what everyone is afraid of—more suffering. That is because everybody is so used to suffering—that whenever there is a big change, they fear the suffering. They don’t see that this big change is being kind to them—removing them from pain and misplaced value. Misplaced value causes pain.

Question:   So, I would assume that this is just one lesson in the context of all of the misplaced values we have in our society and that these lessons will continue as they have been, not just in the financial markets, correct?

Divine Mother:   Yes. Because so much value has been placed on money, the shock is greater there. It’s just like a shockwave--seeing that the thing that has been valued crumble. It’s disturbing because of so much misplaced value. So, it’s a little more dramatic in this arena. But yes, you will see it in every arena where value has been misplaced.

Question:   It is kind of interesting to me how someone could look at whatever bank or brokerage statement reflecting their wealth in the market and then almost overnight it could be gone—50% of it could be wiped out. That can’t be real wealth, because real wealth can’t disappear overnight. Right?

Divine Mother:   That’s right. That’s why it’s misplaced. It’s not real. It’s placed on the unreal. The value has been placed on something that is so puny, we will say puny, and whole lives have been devoted to this puny, meager, kind of happiness that I have to stop it. I want my children to have the real happiness—to place their value on what is honorable. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Divine Mother on the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted on March 11, 2011 in Divine Mother comments on Current Events

Question:   Can you comment on the Japan earthquake and the tsunami?

Divine Mother:   I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Truth.  Divine Love is pouring into Mother Earth. Divine Love is pouring in to the peoples of Japan who have been experiencing the catastrophe. Divine Love is healing all the people, all over the world who experience catastrophes.

Divine Mother is present with everyone who is suffering now. I want you to know that we are healing many people on many levels. The earthquake has been a sign of the adjustments taking place on this planet. And there will be more adjustments. These are vibrational adjustments, creating tremendous upheaval.

I am very sad that this has happened and that so many peoples’ lives are disturbed. I am with everyone in Japan and elsewhere whose lives are broken. The process of transformation happening on this planet is immense. We need to fill the people of Japan with our love and strength, for they at this time are the direct recipients of the vibrational changes Mother Earth is going through.

Please send your love and support. It does have a powerful affect. Pray for everyone involved, that these situations will calm down--so that these situations of upheaval on the planet will calm down--so that no more people will have to go through something like this. The people must unite all over Mother Earth in Love, to heal the heart of everyone who is suffering. I am with you.

Divine Mother is everywhere. I know everything that is taking place. And I urge you to participate with me in the changes that humanity must undertake to move this Earth into a peaceful planet. Go into your heart and send love to all those who have experienced this catastrophe. Send love to all of those who are enduring loss of loved ones. Send love to all of those who are healing the planet through their own lives. The healing must take place. Your love can make it smoother.

Please stop harming each other. Love yourself and love your human family. This is a significant reminder that the planet is in severe pain and she must break out of it. What is happening within the Earth herself is also happening in the lives of the people of the Earth—shifting, changing. Everyone is going through this together, so hold each other in Love, in respect, honoring each others’ lives as precious, treating each other with kindness, and Mother Earth and humanity will create a beautiful planet where Nature and humans together build a sacred home on this Earth. We are One. This is a call for people to unite. Thank you.


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