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Introduction to Dialogue with Divine Mother Course (Mar 1)
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Divine Chakras: Throat Chakra Healing, True Freedom of Speech (Mar 3)
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Free - Deep Energy Healing (Mar 7)
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I feel so much joy now – I feel like I have to smile all the time.  My friends and family are going to think that I am on drugs.  I will tell them that I am on DIVINE drugs!

"I have seen people in my work who are very enlightened, yet they are very miserable. They have recognized their Wholeness in consciousness, but have not brought that Wholeness into their physical life. The consciousness is very clear. They know they are One with God. But the patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting are still caught in the past. They are still operating as if they are limited human beings with all the belief systems of unworthiness, shame, guilt, and anger.

Often their ego will grab the experience of enlightenment and become arrogant and believe themselves to be above others. This causes much discord and confusion in these people as they allow their mind to take over the experience of enlightenment. Rather than know the joy of freedom that this enlightened state brings, they fall into despair and confusion. If the mind and ego continue to dominate the experience, they become angry and reject this most beautiful experience of their life.

In my work with these people, I start to dissolve the mental patterns of the past, patterns implanted by the collective consciousness on Earth of unworthiness and fear. Most of these patterns have been reinforced by the person’s family, teachers at school, and friends who believe that we are limited beings who are born to suffer.

These patterns can be eliminated by the Divine Mother vibrational tools
so that the person is free to enjoy the state of consciousness he/she has achieved and deepen that experience.

This is where the importance of developing the heart comes in. The heart is your anchor to Wholeness. The heart is the only place where the experience of enlightenment can be understood. The heart has no ego. It is not invested in right or wrong. It only knows Love. When enlightenment is gained, Love is the only way enlightenment can be expressed. Everything that comes from the heart of an enlightened being is loving and breaks through the fear that the small mind has lived with for centuries. Love can release all of the structures and vibrational grids that the small mind has created while it believed itself to be separate from God. The heart is the stable place where there is silence and trust.

Enlightenment is not an experience for the mind or ego. It is an experience in awareness. The anchor for an enlightened person must be their heart. The intelligence of the heart can appreciate the experience and give knowledge about the experience to the person having it.

The small mind and its creations must dissolve so that the Mind of God, the Cosmic Mind, the universal mind can take its rightful place in the life of the enlightened. This may take some work, and that is how I find I can assist those who have gained this degree of awareness but are still having difficulties enjoying it.
Until every last belief structure of unworthiness in their energy field is dissolved, a person who has Wholeness in awareness cannot fully enjoy their Wholeness."



Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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I am continually amazed at how this works.  It seems to be helping with ANY problem that comes up in my life.”

This work is wondrously deep and I am so very grateful to Mother Divine, for her beautiful, caring support and to Connie for her generous, clear work, and also to your support staff and family that help you to carry out your blessed ascension work. My love to You!

Our son has been so happy and feels clear of his fears since he saw you.”

Something wonderful is happening to my life. Divine Mother is happening. The work that you do has made a profound difference in my life and in the life of my family.”