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Feast of Light, May 28, 2019 (May 28)
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Divine Ways of Supporting Your Business - June 1st, 2019 (June 1)
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Feast of Light, June 4, 2019 (June 4)
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Free - Deep Energy Healing - June 5th, 2019 (June 5)
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I just had to tell you how powerful, clearly understandable, and helpful—not to mention moving—this knowledge is!”

“Let us call upon the vibration of Divine Joy to lift every heart on earth so that Peace may fill the earth with Divine Joy.”

“Let us call forth the beauty of Mother Earth, and feel her divine vibration of Peace.”

“Honor your unique self with love and reverence today, helping each person on earth to find the peace that blossoms in pure self-love.”

“Let us quietly enter into our love for Mother Earth and receive in Peace the love of Mother Earth for us.”

“Speak with Divine Mother today, she wants to hear your voice. Listen for her voice, so the voice of peace may be heard on Mother Earth.”

“Call on a Divine Being today that you may not know very well. Make a new Divine Friend and help Mother Earth be a more friendly, more peaceful place.”

“We invoke Divine Wisdom in the hearts of all leaders of the earth. See Divine Wisdom breaking through resistance and narrow thinking, revealing the path of greatest good for all.”

“Divine Power is clearing all blockages in the emotional body of Mother Earth, allowing peace in the emotions of all beings on earth.”

“Reference Divine Mother in every situation today with the prayer, “Thy Will be done,” trusting that Divine Mother knows the way to Peace on Earth.”

“Let us close our auric field to all unconscious influences that undermine our peace and peace on Mother Earth.”

“The auric field of Mother Earth is filling with peace, a Divine Aura is emanating from the earth outward to all of the universe.”

“In our Divine Authority, let us call forth the energy of shame on Mother Earth, especially shame related to war and, and bid it go into the Light of Divine Innocence.”

“Divine Grace is opening new and unexpected channels of peace throughout the energy system of Mother Earth.”

“Breathe into the heart. Infinite in the Heart, command all negative programming in the government of earth to break, smash, and shatter. See negative programs collapsing, clearing the path of peace for all nations.”

 “Let us open our hearts in gratitude to Mother-Father God for the increase of peace on Mother Earth.”

 “Call back into Wholeness all that has been cut off. Restoring Wholeness to Mother Earth. Reconciling the whole family of man.”

“Call on a Divine Being today that you may not know very well. Make a new Divine Friend and help Mother Earth be a more friendly, more peaceful place.”

“Accept Divine Grace within the ancestral DNA. Break the shackles of karmic patterning where the tendency of conflict resides. Free Mother Earth to grow in peace.”

“ Hold Light for Mother Earth until you feel peace increasing within yourself.”

“Surrender the heart to the holy peace that is only found in the Will of God and offer it to Mother Earth."


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Friend Photos

Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”

I am so very grateful to have discovered you Connie, appreciating your gracious willingness to provide this service” 

Something wonderful is happening to my life. Divine Mother is happening. The work that you do has made a profound difference in my life and in the life of my family.”

I bow down humbly in the presence of such greatness.”