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I feel like the Divine Mother Vibrational tools are alive. Thank you so much for birthing them. I feel like they are a template to bring heaven on earth.”

New Energy and Earth Changes

The Powerful Heart

Posted on December 31, 2017 in New Energy and Earth Changes

I would like you to know that you all have huge hearts, powerful hearts. That is the reason you’re here. The power of Love brought you here to help. You saw a struggling planet and you reached out to help. You said, “I am going to have to go there and live there and find out what this is about and teach them about Love. I want you to know how deeply you are loved."

Have we reached the “tipping point?”

Posted on February 19, 2016 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Question: There are different guides on the internet saying that the Light is victorious at this time, that the battle between the Light and the darkness is over, and that it’s just a question of us realizing that. Divine Mother was talking about a tipping point. Have we reached that tipping point of the power of the Light over the darkness?

Divine Mother:

"Definitely, we have reached a tipping point. Now we have to keep increasing the flow. We can’t step back and say, “Oh well, it’s all over now, I don’t have to do anything.” A whole new world needs to be built. A whole new society needs to be structured, and it’s beautiful. It’s powerful. And that’s the work many of you have come here to do. The Light is flowing in, powerfully flowing in, just like water rushing in. But that Light now needs to be structured. It needs to be given some direction. It needs to be used creatively, and that’s the challenge now, the creative challenge, how to use all this Light, all this good to restructure the old way of life. So let’s roll up our sleeves.

Question: Is there less friction or less resistance for us to do that work now?

Divine Mother:

"Yes. But you have to change your thinking because much of your thinking is still in the old pattern, in the old way. Even though the Light is rushing in and there is a great opening, the thinking has to change. People have to realize that everything’s good now. The energy is increasing.

The power of Love, the power of Light is increasing. Let’s build with it. Let’s heal with it, soar with it. And a lot of that needs rethinking, restructured thinking. Because now the question is: “How do I live my life in the Light? How do I live my life in enlightenment? How do I live the awakened life when there hasn’t been practice in that for thousands of years?” Some old habits can crop up, especially negative thinking, self-critical thinking, all of those things which really hold you back.

So that’s what we’re up to now. That’s why I’m pouring in my energy. I’m just flooding you with it, and I’m going to continue and I’m going to teach you how to use that energy. I’ve given you all these vibrational tools to use to build, to dissolve the skirmishes that are still there.

We have to learn how to work with this beautiful, powerful material, this Divine energy, and that’s where I’m coming from now. I’m coming in to say, “Take off your masks. Be who you are. Remember that you do know how to use the Light. You do know how to work in Love, so start doing it.” I’m giving you lessons. We’re always busy. Thank you.

Question: Is it then that what people are seeing and experiencing is the deconstruction of the old? It seems that the negativity is still there.

Divine Mother:

"What you’re seeing is the collapse. There are definitely forces that don’t get it yet, that want to keep the old regime in place, so to speak. So the Light is coming in. They are scrambling to keep the old regime in place, and they are doing whatever it takes, and what they perceive it takes are some pretty horrendous things.

So we’ve got to keep breaking, breaking, shattering, and we can do that tremendously effectively now, but we have to keep doing it. The Light workers who are here need to use the Light like a wrecking ball to dismantle the old energies, and those who don’t yet understand that it is good to have these old energies dismantled will continue to be infused with Light, continue to be filled with more of this energy that’s coming into this planet so that they can join, so that they can change and so that they can participate. But you’re the leaders.

There are a huge number of people that need to be taught, that need to understand, that need to learn about what’s going on. So we’re in this transition phase. That’s when the teachers, the leaders, the masters have to come forth and guide. And we start guiding on the subtle, right from within we start guiding, because it’s from that subtle that everything else gets structured. So that’s where we’re comfortable. That’s where we’ve had a lot of experience. So we’re learning how to use subtle attention, intention and subtle vibrational tools to build and restructure and also heal the people who aren’t quite getting it yet."

[Become an orchestra-tor of your life not a victim

Posted on February 15, 2016 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Become an orchestra-tor of your life not a victim. I want to break you away from the attachment to the old ways of life on this planet, because the planet is moving into a new way of life, and it’s important that you start functioning in a new way in your life.

I understand that you still must pay the bills and work at your job, but I want you to change the way you view those things. I want you to view them through the perception of your heart.
The heart can perceive. And as you view these old things through the perception of your heart, you change the way they impact you and you become an orchestra-tor of your challenges rather than a victim of them. You can orchestrate them your way.

It’s a different life. It’s a Divine life you are learning to live on this planet. And I am giving you the power to do it today by healing your heart chakra, by expanding your consciousness, by explaining to you about the power of your intention and your awareness and teaching you how to focus attention.

Focus attention by transcending, by softening through whatever the attention is on. That’s the way to use your attention. Don’t let the attention be bound by the object. Soften through it. Transcend through it. Use it as a means to go into your Source which is the same as your Self, your big “S” Self."


Activating the DNA

Posted on January 23, 2016 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"You are Divine Beings on this earth plane. You live in a physical body, and it is time to bring the physical body up to speed. This happens by activating the full abilities, the full potential of the DNA strands. The coding is there. The genetic coding is there. It is what the scientists have called “junk” DNA, because they don’t know what it is or what to do with it. It is nothing like junk. It is being activated. It is being enlivened. It is being given its dignity.

Nothing in the physical system is junk. This is the Truth. This extra DNA that they call junk DNA is activating now, enlivening now, flowing into balance, bringing out the Divine code for the human species. To call it junk DNA is an insult to the DNA, to this Divine code, this majestic clarity and record of human ability, human nature. Ignorance can be very insulting to the Divine Intelligence which is awake everywhere.

Now the Divine intelligence of the DNA is coming forth to serve humanity. The third eye is waking up. The crown is receiving downloads of power and purity in the form of Light to help the human brain access its potential. Divine Beings are here assisting you, unseen and unknown by many whom they assist. This is the glory of the Divine Intelligence. This is depth of the Divine Love under which this universe is operating. No one is left out. No one is going to be lost. You are here to work that plan. "

A new tool to handle challenges

Posted on January 21, 2016 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Call forth your Divine Self. Fear contracts you. That’s dangerous to you. You are an expansive being. Expand. Call forth your Divine Self. Inwardly say now, “I call forth the Truth of my Infinite Self to fill my life now.” Then take a deep breath, and then exhale and let your Divine Self expand into your body, into your cells, into your heart, into your third eye. And again say, “I call forth the Truth of my Infinite Self, the Divine me. I call forth the Divine me now,” and breathe into the whole torso. As you exhale, let this Divine you expand into your cells, into your DNA, into the atomic level, into your organs.

If you have a health issue, you need to say this every day and let this Divine you expand into whatever organ or system is troubled. This will bring the system or the organ back to its Divine expression, its healthy state.
Again say, “I call forth my Divine Self into my life now,” breathing in and then exhaling, filling your body, every organ, every muscle, every cell with this powerful life energy of your Truth.
If you have a problem, you can say, “I call forth my life force to fill this challenging issue with the power of my True Self now.” You might want to name the challenging issue, for example: to fill my financial situation with the wonder, knowledge, and wisdom of my True Self. Then breathe in and exhale, and as you exhale, let your True Self expand into that energy that is challenging you.

The Divine you, as you call upon it, is pushing out
all this old fear, all this old contraction, this shame. Let’s breathe into it again. “I call forth my Divine Self into my life now.” Exhale, filling your solar plexus with it.

I am giving you tools to sustain the Divine You in your daily life because you’re walking across the bridge now into a new consciousness. The old habits try to call you back to the other side, to the side you just left. Keep walking forward and Trust that good is waiting for you, your Divine good is waiting for you, your highest good. You attract good by being the highest that you can be, so call forth your highest self, your Divine Self. Breathe in and exhale, filling your body with it.

You are in a transition. It may not be comfortable, so keep walking forward. The comfort is ahead of you. It’s not behind you. It is in the acceptance of your True nature. So keep walking forward over the bridge into the Light of the Truth of who you are." 

You can live harmoniously with the world

Posted on October 29, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"The connection to the Infinite Self is what has been lost and what has made life a struggle. When you are connected to it everything flows spontaneously in harmony with the whole world. This is where I want you to be, living harmoniously with the whole world. In this way we can create a new world because what is inharmonious must be changed, must be let go of, transformed.

So we are empowering you in the harmony, and as you move with your Infinite strength and connection, the world follows you. You become an example of how to live happily successfully creatively."

Humanity’s DNA is being transformed

Posted on October 23, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

" I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Love. I am the Mother of the Universe. I am guiding this transformation for humanity. I am opening the doors for Divine vibration to resonate in the physical form, allowing the Divinity of this human physical form to be full. The DNA is changing, changing to embrace the full capacity of your genetic coding as a Divine Being, a God in a physical form. This is in your genetic coding carried in the DNA.

We are activating the DNA in you, in your physical bodies, to embrace the full value of your genetic code. We are stimulating it vibrationally to remember what it is, what it can do and what you can be. We are activating the latent potential of the DNA to fully express, to transform.

Your brain is being brought into vibrational frequencies of great magnitude to stimulate the fluctuations of the human DNA, to expand it, to wake it up. With your attention on it, it increases its strength and memory of the Divine template of the human DNA. Right now, it is being activated in every cell. Soften in all the cells. Allow the activation.

We are opening the gates to Light in its most intense form, pouring it into the DNA. Allow the downloads of Light into the DNA. Allow it. This is what is happening to the human DNA. Its vibration is being increased. It’s breaking through into a new life for humanity. You are embracing it consciously in your human system, and all your vibrational and subtle systems are adjusting to this new frequency of your DNA, the expanded frequency. The rest of the body is adjusting. The subtle bodies are adjusting, balancing.

Activation of the Divine code of the DNA is stepping up, and as you activate this within you, it is passed on to other humans who are not so actively participating in this right now. You are reminding the human race of its potential, and you are claiming that potential for yourselves, which then passes it on to others.

When one human being steps out and says, “I am God. I am one with God,” it reverberates through the vibrational field of all humanity and starts to remind other humans of their Divine nature. You are One with God in consciousness, in the Wholeness of your awareness, and now you are accepting the Oneness with God in the physical, on the physical level. As these vibrations of the DNA expand, allowing the Divine frequencies to penetrate the subtle coding, humanity wakes up to its Oneness with God, and the human race becomes a race of Gods. This is the human destiny. This DNA is actively evolving a human being into a spiritual Being physically on the material level.

You have Divine abilities. You are multi-dimensional. The whole dynamic expression of your DNA enables your subtle abilities to be normal to you, normal. We are simply bringing you back to normal. Trust. Soften in your DNA and allow Light. Let go. Soften in your DNA and allow Light.

This boost to the DNA is occurring on the level where the Infinite Source is manifesting into form. We are activating your DNA from here where attention is enabling the flow of Light to construct on the level of matter, subtle matter, the DNA code of your true nature which is made in the image of God. This statement is Truth. Made in the image of God is right now being activated, empowered in your DNA structures."

Evolution has been sped up

Posted on September 30, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Every event in your life is teaching you something. Some things are teaching you that you are safe and you are loved and you are beautiful and you are strong. Other things are teaching you to let go and expand. Adapt means expand. Other things are teaching you what is not useful to you, what you don’t need to embrace.

There is a spiritual revolution taking place, and you are part of it, a powerful part of it. You are leading it, in fact. Honor yourself, but not with your small ego mind that puts other people down and puts you up. Honor yourself with your heart that loves you and loves everyone else so much that you want to bring them along with you.

This time in the world’s history is a time when tremendous growth is occurring. Evolution is sped up, and you are being sped up. You are being asked daily to let go of that which does not serve you, thoughts and feeling and emotions that do not serve you, letting them go and expanding into a deeper, fuller Love. You are being asked daily to help others, to send your positive thoughts to people in despair. You are being asked to heal others daily simply by sending them Love, sending them Light, being an example of a stable joyful human. A stable joyful human is one who has tremendous Divine energy.

The knowledge of our time is all about receiving Divine Grace, receiving Divine Grace at the level of receptivity to higher frequencies to Divine Beings, to a quality of Love that has never been known on this planet before. It is about being receptive to that even though you don’t really understand it or really comprehend it. It’s about the Trust, the Faith in the almighty Grace of the Divine Presence that conducts affairs in this universe."

Don’t carry the wounds

Posted on September 24, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Too much time is wasted in regrets. Break. Shatter. Break. Forgive and forget. Forgive, forgive yourself and forgive others. They’re learning too. Help them if you can. But forgive them and move forward.

The memories of the wounds, break. Yes, we have been wounded. It’s part of life on this earth plane. It’s not a nice part of the life on the earth plane. It’s happened. We’ve learned. We’ve grown. Don’t carry the wounds. Heal them. Let them go. Continue your work. Maybe you were wounded because of your work. Many of us were. And I am saying us, because I, Divine Mother, have been with you. I have been wounded. You know the tremendous disrespect the Divine Mother has experienced. I forgive. I move forward. I Love continuously.

Let go of the wounds. However you need to do it, by pouring Light into them, by loving yourself. Loving yourself is a very powerful one. That’s why I emphasis it so much. Love yourself. Because when someone inflicted a wound, the small self often says, “I am not loved. I am no good. There is something wrong with me.” Then that whole unworthiness story keeps going. You have been serving God, and God is pleased with you.

Let go of the wounds. Break. Break the mental judgments. Soften into the fears. Love the shame. This takes a Master to do. You are facing these horrific experiences with Light, with Love, with the power of the knowledge of Truth. Love your enemy. Jesus’s phrase, probably the most not understood phrase. Not understood, not even misunderstood, just not at all comprehended. Love your enemy, wow. It takes a very big Being to do that. Be that big. Be that big. Trust me.

I am so deeply moved by your ability to Love your enemy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so deeply moved by your intention. Thank you. I see it. I feel it. I bow to you. I Love you. There is a tremendous weight lifting right now. Your intention to love your enemies takes a great soul to do this, to follow Jesus’ instruction, his teaching takes a great soul.

We are at that place where great souls are emerging. This very intention and the fulfillment of that intention, love your enemy, is transforming the vibration of human life on this planet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You will live to see the impossible become possible.This is a time of transformation that is occurring now on this earth plane and will increase. It’s here and it’s coming more."

Do not put your attention on negativity

Posted on September 21, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Lord Ram, the personification of Divine Truth, wants to talk to you.I am Ram. I come in the name of Truth. I come in the name of Love. I come in the name of God.

This is my life. I maintain order and balance in the universe. Where something has become imbalanced I focus my consciousness and all my resources on bringing it back into balance. When you become unbalanced, I focus on you. So here we are healing the negative thinking because it has become too rampant. It is overcoming you in many ways. Stop it! I am helping you. I am giving you the strength to change, to put your attention on Light and Power, the Power of Light.

Don’t read negative news articles or listen to negative programming. Your attention is too precious and too powerful to be focused on negative experiences of life. I want you to focus on the Divine experiences of life, because this is what we must bring back, not only to you but to your fellow human beings.

So, make your choices with consciousness. Make your choices with awareness of what you are doing to yourself and to this world. You emanate energy vibration, and when you are putting your attention on negativity, when your thoughts are angry and coarse you are creating that kind of vibration is this world. You well know this world doesn’t need any more of that. Anger is causing all these wars. Anger."


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for your blog posts!”

Thank you Divine Mother and thank you Connie. This has made a huge difference in my life and the life of my family”

This work is wondrously deep and I am so very grateful to Mother Divine, for her beautiful, caring support and to Connie for her generous, clear work, and also to your support staff and family that help you to carry out your blessed ascension work. My love to You!

Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”