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Feast of Light, May 28, 2019 (May 28)
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Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”

New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother will never leave you

Posted on September 19, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"I Love you. Those words have been said billions of times. I am not saying them to speak the words, I am saying them to vibrate the power, the power of this new Love this new Light. I Love you. I say it because it’s true.

I am this new Light that I want you to receive. I Love you. I am the Mother of the universe. I am that law of nature that stirred the unbounded, infinite, unmanifest Silence into Love so deep and so pure that it broke free of the Silence and became active. I brought the Silence with me into the active, and I Love you. I Love you, and this is why I am here now to remind you to claim your mastery. It’s claimed with your heart, and your heart

Claiming your mastery is a joyful thing. It’s returning to who you are. It’s coming home. It’s humility in the fullest extent of the word. Be the master that you are. Teach. Allow the dynamism of Truth, the power of Love. This is you. Humility in this world has implied weakness. Humility is the ultimate power. Many things you will understand as you claim your mastery. Many more things you will comprehend as you embrace this energy, this vibration, this Divine frequency that is increasing itself on this planet daily.

I Love you. You may never understand that. I am never going to leave you. I never can leave you. I am committed to you through eternity. If you want to say something, it does help for you to say, “I accept my mastership.” It actually vibrates in you when you say that. “I claim my mastery in the name of Divine Mother, in the name of Lord Ram, in the name of Jesus the Christ, in the name of Truth. I claim that I am a Divine Master, and I embrace all the qualities and abilities of a Divine Master now.” Then soften and expand. And say it again. “I claim my Mastership. I claim the Truth of my Wholeness and Oneness.” This enlivens it. Your words are powerful. Your speech creates. “I am a Divine Master.” Say that and let go. Don’t try to figure it out. Accept the Truth from Divine Mother."

This is an important time in human history

Posted on July 30, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:
"I am Mother God. I come in the name of the Truth of all that is.

Trust me. You are moving forward. You are healing. This is an important time in human history. This is a time when Love is coming back. This is when the power of Love is taking over the whole planet, and you are being swept into its arms. I am asking you to let go of everything that is not loving. Break it. Shatter it. Every possible situation in your life can be dealt with through Love, whether it is a business situation, whether it is a family issue, whether it is a health consideration. Everything must change here on this earth. A new way of thinking, a new way of living is coming forth.

Participate in it. Change yourself. This is the way things are going, and if you want to be happy and successful, move into this new wave of Love. It is a highly intelligent Love with very clear focuses and choices. This is not just an emotion. This is a crisp and decisive way of living. The crisp and decisiveness comes from the heart brain, not the mental brain, isolated and alone, but the heart brain which unifies and connects.

Break through the harshness of life, the separation, the judgment, and let the heart’s intelligence reveal to you what is really going on. There is something deeper. There is something more. Find it! Heal what is causing you to doubt and to be afraid.
Remember who you are. You are a Divine Being living in a physical form. Remember this. Don’t identify with a small ego. The small ego gets you in trouble. You are a Divine Being. Identify with that. It gets you out of trouble, and you create solutions to all the problems you see around you. This is what your Divine Self can do for you. So stay in that, and if you can’t find it, talk to me.

Use my vibrational tools. These tools can clear your path to Union with me. They are the tools the great sages and saints use. They are the tools that the gods and goddesses use to dissolve the demons. Use them. You are Divine Beings. Live like a Divine Being. It just takes a shift of your attention. Focus on who you really are and Trust it.

Divine Love is pouring into you now. Divine Light is healing you. Divine Truth is transforming you. You are a Divine Being. You have access to these Divine tools: Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Truth. You are a Divine Being. Your command is a Divine Command. You can say, “Go,” and those energies that do not serve you go into the Light. You can say, “Break,” and the structures around you that are based in ignorance shatter. So use these Divine tools."

The New Energy coming into the planet is heart powered

Posted on June 3, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"The power coming into this planet is all heart based and all heart activated and heart powered. Get used to it. It’s beautiful. A change is immanent. It’s been incubating for a good long time, and now the heart is emerging in this new vibration, this new consciousness entering Mother Earth. Love changes everything, and that is what is happening on this planet, the power of Divine Love, the power of the Heart-based life is stepping up. You are among the first to consciously step into it. Others will follow. You can help them.
I am here. The Divine Mother energy is the Divine Love vibration. I am coming forth now, more and more and more every day, surging my life force into all life on this planet.
Relationships on this planet have been floundering. These old habits don’t serve the beauty and good that relationships offer. All these old habits are breaking, falling away. Let them go. Be with me. I will majestically escort you into this new consciousness on Mother Earth. I want to share my life with you. Please share yours with me. I know there has been shame, pain, and suffering on this earth which has caused you fear, anger, and anguish. Work with me as we dissolve the old and embrace the new.
I will help you to be yourself, to dissolve all hidden agendas, mental-mind agendas and to soften into union with me. It is your destiny. Let us embrace it. It is the destiny of the earth and the human race to lift, to unite, to Love, to create powerful expressions of harmony and balance. Come with me."

Is the Coming of the New Age a Prediction?

Posted on January 23, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Question: We haven’t talked about this too much, the use of astrology for predictions. But maybe this is more of an observation that you have made, Divine Mother, than a prediction. It is that we are moving into a new age, an age for humanity that will be much more beautiful than the past few thousand years. Is that more of an observation than a prediction? So much is in flux for the future, and we as humans have a free will. So is the coming age something that is already happening? So my question is, is this more of an observation than a prediction about this new age?

"I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Love.
It’s a probability. It’s a probability, yes, in the mathematics of the universe. So you can go beyond just this world this earth in the mathematics of the universe. It’s a probability. It’s a light wave. We’re planning on it. It’s that strong a light wave. So, if you take in the whole calculations of everything that has been going on in the universe and everything that has been going on in this planet from a larger macroscopic level, it’s a very strong probability. So that’s why we are preparing for it.

In the same way in the universe of your astrology chart there are probabilities, mathematical probabilities. So these could be called predictions. There is a recognition that when this planet moves here your vibrational frequencies will shift in a certain way that something highly beneficial will happen for you. And in this planet there is something for you to be alert and aware of. So these - what we could call “predictions” - are really probabilities because you have control over them. You have vibrational control and you can adjust to the process.

Remember you chose your map, your astrological map, when you were born. You had a plan for your life. You chose with your friends, significant support systems for you to accomplish what you wanted to accomplish. Because a planet is moving into an auspicious aspect for you isn’t an accident. It’s something you planned so that you could unfold something or present something. It’s all something that you planned.

Of course, you have free will here on this planet. There are other aspects in the universe where will is operative. We say it’s a probability rather than something definite, because it depends upon a lot of other energies moving into balance with that energy and with that planet. So those predictions, depending upon how good the astrologer is, they are probabilities which when you know about you can then do something with. If you don’t like the probability you can actually work to shift it. So this is the value. "

How to assist in this great transformation

Posted on January 19, 2015 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

'Yes, the changes on this planet are picking up faster, accelerating. Many people are upset, disturbed, confused. Governments are very confused. All they know to do is fight, protect their small self. Break those attitudes for their sake. Break those attitudes, softening into the pain wherever you see it. That dissolves it and then the people start to behave more heart-fully, more kindly, compassionately.

Higher frequencies are coming into you all the time.
This is another reason to be soft and receptive to the subtle, so that you can embrace these frequencies, these energies. They’re transforming you, transforming your brain. All the energy centers, the chakra centers, are receiving boosts of Light, upgrading you could say. The chakras are being upgraded.
The way to assist in your own transformation is to eat well, do your exercise, stay in Divine communion. Eating and exercise help the body, but the body is getting vibrational lifts and any stagnancy in the body is being pushed out. So you can help that by doing things that increase life force in your body - breathing deeply, eating foods with life energy, letting the flow of live force through your body increase.

When you walk or exercise it’s important to connect with the life force. Connect with life energy. Connect with me. Connect with the Divine Presence consciously, and then vitality will be assured. Don’t exercise as a small individual unit. Exercise as part of the whole universe, an aspect of the whole universe that is expanding and progressing. Just shift that awareness and you will be placed in the flow."

We are lifting this planet with Love

Posted on November 9, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"We are lifting the vibration of this planet, and we are lifting it with love. You might wonder why I didn’t say we are lifting it with light. Love is light, just a more personal form of light, a very intimate form of light. I am love. I am also light. Love and light are very intimately connected, two different sides of the same coin, but you can notice the vibrational difference. There is a difference and I am training your subtle senses to notice, I want to teach you how to notice the subtle activity of Divine Light, and then, Divine Love. I am teaching you how to discern. That is very important for you to know because you are working on very subtle levels with Divine Energies, transforming this planet at the deepest core level, by working with Divine Love and Divine Light."


The physical body is transforming quickly

Posted on September 22, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"The physical body is transforming quickly. There is increased Light on this planet and our physical body is leaping to keep up with it. Light feeds the body, so as the Light becomes more refined, the body awakens more refined receptors and discards the old ones. So we are breaking up the old receptors and anything else that could block this new purity of Light that is coming into us now – very physically in our material bodies.

I am the Divine Mother, I come in the name of Truth.
The brain is changing, evolving. You are housed in a physical body so you can remodel it. As Divine Beings living in a physical body you find that it doesn’t always suit your needs so you must upgrade it. The old human body is no longer servicing humanity and needs to be uplifted very physically. The atoms that constitute the molecules that constitute the cells – this is happening in the brain. As you let your attention focus in the brain (let your awareness soften in the brain, from the front to the middle to the back), the brain becomes receptive to the subtle vibrations that are now being received on Mother Earth.

Everything is changing, especially human life is changing. It is important that this change occur because human life was starting to become a drag on the evolution of our planet.
I am the Divine Mother, I come in the name of Love."

You are all going through resurrection

Posted on September 18, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"Jesus: I am the resurrection and the life. I carry the resurrection and the life for this earth. You are all going through resurrection. Receive the life. As you go through your resurrection you must continue to surrender to it. Surrender to the changes that are being pushed on you, brought to you. Surrender means soften, let go. Settle into your Infinite Source.
The consciousness that you are creating through your resurrection is empowering humanity to transform. The surrender that it takes, the expansion, the transcendence, the letting go are all different words meaning the same thing, the surrender that it takes for falling into the Infinite is creating power for humanity’s lifting, for the lifting of the mass consciousness. Your resurrection is empowering the resurrection of the human race. The power is coming from your consistent letting go, your consistent transcendence.
You have to let go to allow the resurrection. You are dropping into the unknowable, the father as I called it, whole unknowable truth. You’re falling into that again and again. And that is generating energy, generating a heat. I will call it a heat. I will call it a fire, a holy fire that has the power of love fueling it. We are talking of a very subtle process that you engage in every time you let go, every time you soften. Every time you transcend, this is generating waves of energy from the unbounded Infinite, what I call the father. And this wave is rising higher, higher, and higher, and it’s going to crest and overflow.
It’s is going to overflow the Christ vibration, the ascension vibration, the love vibration (all those words mean the same) onto Mother Earth and humanity. You are resurrecting yourselves. You are resurrecting the human race. This was and is my mission.
There is a power rising to break the darkness. We are not concerned with the dark, we simply just keep raising the vibration. We simply keep transcending letting go, transcending again and again, every day, numerous times, softening in your activities as well as in your prayers and meditation. This is the power generating fire that is lifting the human race. Whatever this so-called dark does, we keep lighting the fire. We are persistent. We are consistent. We are united as a team.
I have been working on this for over 2,000 years. We do not quit. We continue. We resurrect. We ascend. We bring Mother Earth and the human race with us. We are awakening the Christ consciousness on earth. Not everyone uses the term Christ. Fine. It’s the love consciousness. We bring it to everyone. All faiths are participating (some know it consciously, some do not) in lifting the consciousness of the earth.
Love. Love. Love. Whatever it takes in you to love, to let go of hate, to let go of the pain that causes hate -- do it. Be self-reflective. This is very important. If there is pain in you, heal it. If there is fear in you, break it. If there is anger, dissolve it. If there is hate, love it and transform it through your love. Ask for the Christ love to do it."

Integration of Heart and Mind are Needed

Posted on September 8, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

Divine Mother:

"I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of Truth.
There is a need to change the way humanity operates, completely change the operating system. The heart and the mind are the primary operating systems for a human life. These two systems have to exchange energy. The mind has to access subtle frequencies that communicate to it the mood of the environment, the mood of a person so that it knows how to inform the environment or the person of what must happen next.
People of the earth plane, a large majority of them, are stuck; and they do not know how to move forward. They are stuck in their pain. Your feeling mind can know how to determine how to bring progress to these stuck rigid people, who create stuck, rigid, domineering conditions for themselves and others. You must use the heart/mind unified matrix to overcome these challenges facing humanity.
Allowing the thinking heart is allowing the heart to access the library of the universe where all knowledge is stored and then figuring out how to implement solutions it finds in the library. The implementation needs the feeling mind as very creative strategies must be employed to bring the pain to dissolution and to guide the stuck people into peace. The mind can’t do it alone, and the heart can’t do it alone. The unity of the two must be employed. Without this vibrational integration, the problems continue.
Changes must occur. Changes are occurring and the ability to integrate the skills of the heart and mind as I have just described, the thinking heart and the feeling mind is what the human race has been lacking. The new humanity that is emerging now, the new human race that this present race is evolving into, is beginning to guide. Many of the old ways are being dissolved, and we are assisting you. We in the Divine realms are assisting you as you march forward into an integrated whole, conscious of needs and confident in your ability to create.
The way to work in this new energy is to keep softening, keep transcending (these words mean the same, they are synonyms), keep entering the Infinite over and over again through every situation."

Everything in the universe is trying to help you

Posted on September 4, 2014 in New Energy and Earth Changes

"I am the Divine Mother I come in the name of Truth.

Trust, trust, trust -- that is our magic word. It reminds you that there is something more powerful going on than just eating and sleeping. There is something bigger happening. Something is blessing you, and something is guiding you into receiving more blessings. When I say trust, I am talking about trusting your Infinite Self. But when you trust your Infinite Self you must trust it all the way, you must trust it all the way into the expansion, into the Infinite. If you stop part way, you are not trusting it, you are pulling back from it. So whatever you are doing, trust the Infinite in that process.

If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time it will push you out of it. It will change your attention to a thought that perhaps says, “Get out of here.” Or you will simply walk away. I want you to trust the Infinite because the Infinite is waiting to serve you. It is waiting silently, like a good servant who stands silently by, ready to serve. But if the servant is never asked to serve, his presence is wasted. So you must tell the Infinite what you want. And you tell the Infinite what you want by making a request, and then softening into it. Trust, maybe the answer won’t come immediately; don’t give up the trust. Keep letting go, keep allowing, keep trusting. You are being guided. You must trust that you are being guided. The universe is presenting knowledge to you. Be awake and you will receive the knowledge. If you are not receiving any knowledge, become more alert. Let your awareness wake up.

You are preparing to receiv
e, you are healing discord. You are releasing pain. And all of this is preparing the brain to recognize what is important and what is not. Everything in the universe is trying to help you. You must become receptive to the help, by softening, by quieting the mind, by healing, and creating. You are not alone, isolated, separate. There are many great Beings wanting to participate in your life. Don’t ignore them. Trust your Infinite Self."


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Thank you Divine Mother for your endless love and support. Thank you for helping me to release all that no longer serves me” 

Through the techniques you teach, love has awakened a sense of knowing and self-value that has expanded into all areas of my life.”

The knowledge presented is clear, informative, simple. Could I send you some e-hugs?

What amazing work…I am so humbled to be a part of this….thank you so much!”