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Bridging the Worlds of Multidimensionality - January 23rd, 2019 (Jan 23)
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Jesus Christ Talks About You - January 26th, 2019 (Jan 26)
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How to Let Go of Anger- February 2nd, 2019 (Feb 02)
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Free - Deep Energy Healing - February 6th, 2019 (Feb 6)
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Thank you for helping me to live every day with an open heart. I love you”

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Infinite Love 

Reading the words of Divine Mother’s infinite love is a powerful tool for loving yourself and healing your life. Be reminded of Her love and connection to you through daily spiritual quotes. Here are responses from current subscribers:

“It is when I remember that you are with me and love me that all doubt and fear goes away.”

“Reading your quotes is like a voice straight to my heart...thank you x Always Loving”

“Thank you for your Love!! You are loved beyond words! Your message was incredibly timely! Thank you both, the beautiful Soul & the Mother!”

“Thank you so much for all that you do to serve Divine Mother. Divine Mother's love is evident through you.”

“Lovely to share in your space of unconditional love....”

Divine Healing

Divine Mother's nourishing daily quotes, when read regularly can be a technique for spiritual healing in and of themselves, because truth heals. Here's what some subscribers are saying:

"The messages touch my heart and bring me joy."

"This is (once again) exactly what I needed to hear today. Superb!"

"These messages are so healing! Can't tell you how much I appreciate them!"

"So simple yet so profound! I have been repeatedly "saved" from despair by your quotes. Thank you."

"So beautiful. I get comfort from these quotes. I feel peaceful."

"Thank you for your powerful words they are very comforting."

"Thank you...everything you say always makes me feel better, thank you."

Divine Wisdom

Divine Mother’s daily spiritual quotes are rich in divine wisdom. Here are testimonials from subscribers.

“Thank you. I love what you post, it is my salvation.”

“Thank you for such beautiful advice!”

“A perfect message at the perfect time...thank you.”

“How is it that you seem to know just what to say at just the right time? Thank You so much!!”

“Thank you Mother for telling me what I needed to hear exactly when I needed to hear it!!!”

“Thank you for your daily words of wisdom! they are dear to a lot of women.”

“This is so perfect and just what I needed to remind me of my place of peace that lives without attachment to ego centered living.”

“I share these truths with you. Blessings to you and the great work you are doing.”


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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Our son has been so happy and feels clear of his fears since he saw you.”

Ever since participating in these sessions, I feel more loving to everyone around me.  I now spontaneously hug my wife much more often throughout the day.”

Thank you for showing us how to bring the light back into our lives and for showing us the ways to keep increasing it.”

People I know say I look so much more settled.”