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It feels wonderful, but a different kind of wonderful than being happy or elated or even relieved.  It is more like feeling free and content, unperturbed.  It is a totally different level of peace”.”

How to Heal Yourself with Divine Mother’s Tools

Divine Mother wants you to know how to heal. In a special four lesson online course, she will teach you this invaluable skill. 

Replay of Introduction to "How to Heal with Divine Mother's Tools" (April, 19th 2018)

Learn to heal yourself
It’s wonderful to go to healing classes or to go to see a healer, but there’s nothing like being able to heal yourself and having the tools to do it. Divine Mother wants you to know how to heal. She is offering a special four lesson online course to learn this invaluable skill.

How does it work?
When everything is going well in your life your life energy is flowing smoothly from source with no obstructions. You are successful, happy and progressing rapidly. When problems arise on the surface of life, either in finances, health, relationships or spiritual connection, your energy is blocked and you feel stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated, or lacking in something. Divine Mother’s vibrational tools can clear the stuck energy, broken links and blockages at the subtle level of your system to allow your life energy to flow with maximum power for maximum success in the field of action.

What Are Energy Tools?
Energy tools work with the energy field that makes up your physical system. Your energy field is more subtle than your physical body, yet it powers and maintains its activity. You can directly impact energy with your attention and focus and it will change conditions in your physical, mental and emotional fields. Connie will teach you how to do this with a set of vibrational tools that have been revealed and tested by her and thousands of her students as being highly effective methods for improving all kinds of conditions in your life. They connect you with your power center. When you clear blocked energy, you change your level of effectiveness, happiness and creative momentum.

Quantum Healing - The Healing Power from Your Source
Divine Mother’s healing is from the Ground State of Matter, called by physicists the quantum field. It is the ground level that supports and maintains all activity in the universe. Working with Divine Mother’s tools, you are brought into Her home and taken in and out of Divine Source (the quantum field). This powerful experience releases pain, dissolves fear, improves health and increases intelligence. Yet all this happens on the lap of Divine Love, which is the most powerful healing energy in the universe. You will learn how to connect and use this energy in both its Pure Silent state and in its active power as Divine Love.

Connie Huebner
Through over 40 years of research into consciousness, Connie has uncovered powerful vibrational tools and been guided in their use by Divine Mother. Connie met Divine Mother through her deep inner explorations of consciousness and now has a lively dialogue with Mother God which she shares with people all over the world in her classes and courses. Connie is a meditation teacher, ordained minister, and founder of the Divine Mother Guidance and Healing Programs. She is a spiritual leader and innovator in methods for continuing to open the deepest recesses of consciousness to improve our human experience.

What's Included in the Class

  • Complete Toolkit of 28 Divine Mother Tools (PDF version) - $75 value
  • 4 live classes (2 1/2 hours each) personally taught by Divine Mother and Connie Huebner
  • Extensive question and answer period
  • Your choice to listen to the class by phone, Skype, or on your computer or in person at the Divine Mother Church in Fairfield
  • Friendly email and phone customer support

When Is the Next Course and How Much Does it Cost

  • The next course begins on May 3rd, 2018. Class dates are May 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th.
  • Classes are from 7-9:30 p.m. CST on Thursday evenings.
  • All live sessions are recorded and a link to the replay is emailed to within 24 hours of the class
  • The course fee is $295 if you register before 11.30 P.M on April 27th and $345 after April 26th.


What People Are Saying About "Heal Yourself with Divine Mother Tools"

"I greatly enjoyed the course "Heal Yourself with Divine Mother's Tools". The course gave me a lot of assistance in improving my efforts to connect with Divine energie and utilize them in specific ways. Connie is an amazingly intuitive teacher, knowing just what students need to hear rather than going with a specific curriculum, adapting the material very well for the needs of individuals in the class. If you are curious about how to better utilize the Divine Mother Tools in your daily life as well as for specific healing purposes, I highly recommend this class." CB, Massachusetts.

"The "Heal Yourself with Divine Mother Tools" course really helped me to make a connection with Divine Mother. I took the course six months ago, and in that time I have become more confident, more courageous, and less attached to unimportant things. I am less tired, even if I only get a few hours of sleep at night. I attribute this to using Divine Mother's tools when I wake in the middle of the night. Connie does a great job of suggesting when to use the different tools in normal daily life, and when life is challenging. This course is totally worth it!" L.W. Iowa

“I love working with the Divine Mother Tools. I am able to manage difficult situations in my own life so much better, whether it’s at home, within the family or at the workplace. I don’t feel powerless anymore, I have the tools to get immediate relief." GH, Iowa




Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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I feel completely transformed. I’ve never felt such a profound inner balance and clear connection with God.”

I am finding huge rewards. I feel vastly better. I can feel the life energy flowing more strongly every day.”

Divine Mother’s wisdom has been instrumental in helping me to gain insight and perspective about painful and difficult issues in my life.”

I now feel connected for the first time to who I really am and what my larger purpose is.”