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Breaking the Grasp of Fear - Jun 19, 2019 (Jun 19)
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Empower Your Will - June 22nd, 2019 (Jun 22)
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Feast of Light, June 25, 2019 (June 25)
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Fostering Honesty in Relationships - June 29th, 2019 (Jun 29)
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The following quotes are excerpts from the rich wisdom of Divine Mother that came out during various Guidance and Healing sessions throughout the last year.

Ask for help first.  Ask me or another Divine Being for help.  When you ask us for help our energy starts fluctuating in your system.  You can even see it if you look.  The energy that you are observing can be observed as Jesus or Archangel Michael or Mother Mary.  When you say “Jesus, help me”, suddenly Jesus appears.  You may not see Jesus physically, but in the energy, Jesus will be there to help you.  So the first step is to ask for help.”

Love is the most powerful presence in creation. I want you to learn how to wield my power. With my power, you can open every door, unlock every gate, free every truth. I am offering you my power, which is Love. You must reach out and take it. I will show you how to heal with Love, to create with Love. I will show you how to lift all those around you into Love. Take my Love and learn to use it. It is all that I am.”

Notice me, Divine Mother.  Notice me.  Let your attention move to me.  Notice the Divine Presence.  Soften into me.  I am handling everything in your life.  When you know this, when you reference me every day, your life goes smoother.”

I have said before that human beings have free will. You must choose to change. You must choose to embrace Love and Divine Mother and the Infinite. I am asking you to make that choice. I think you have played enough in the boundaries and limitations of life, and understood how pain is generated when life force is contracted and withdrawn.”

Let go. Just hand me whatever you are holding onto. I cannot take it from you, because we are equals, and if you choose to hold on to pain and fear and separation, I accept you that way. If you choose to let go of pain and fear and separation, I am overjoyed, and embrace you with my life. Holding onto the pain is a simple choice. I am suggesting to you that you make the choice to let it go. Then hand it to me.”

You are one with Divine Mother, so as you love your Self, you are loving Mother-Father God.”

Love me.  That is all.  Ask me, “What next?  How do I serve you now?  How do I turn?  How do I move?  What is my next step?”  And you love me.  You don’t doubt me.  Soften in your heart and find me.  It is coming back into love.  It is coming back into love, deeper love and deeper love.  That is what will move you through your life and create all the miracles.”

Let go of the strain in the mind, tension in the heart, the fear in life, the pain of the emotions——the excuses you make for not being whole. Let go. Let go.”

So I am asking you to allow the attention to draw the Infinite You, the Divine You, your Wholeness, to those areas where you have been wounded, pouring the attention in, as the river of Infinite Wholeness follows your attention, dismantling the obstructions to your conscious awareness of your Infinite stature.”

You have never done anything wrong in the eyes of God; you have simply learned.”

You may notice Divine Mother as an inner visual image, or as a feeling of softness or warmth or love.”

You are to be in a constant letting go, a constant surrender to me, Divine Mother, trusting me, letting go to me.  I know what you want.  I know the deepest dreams in your heart.  Give them to me.  Together we are creating a Divine home on Mother Earth where you can live joyfully, supported in every way.”

Any time you are afraid, I want you to start looking for me, Divine Mother.  If you are lost and hiding and can’t find me, just start saying, “Mother, I love you.”  Or you could say, “I love you, God,” or “I love you, Jesus.”  Use the name of a Divine Being.”

I am Divine Mother. I come in the name of the Truth of who you are and I am going to give you My life. Please take it. Thank you. Right now ask Me for what you want. I love you. It is the love that is carrying you through. Stay on the love. Don’t get mental. Stay on the love. The love is the life you are here to deliver to this planet. Stay focused on that.”

The great yogis, the great beings who come to this Earth in material form are always letting go to the Infinite more, always deferring to the Infinite more, constantly letting go.”

You are responsible for the well-being of your inner life. Your inner life needs you. It doesn’t need pills or medications, it needs your attention.”

The quiet brain is manifesting Truth, Infinite Wholeness, Divine Truth.

You have to trust the Love and the Truth and keep moving into it, flowing into it, softening into it, over and over again. As you do this, all of the faulty functioning of the mental body dissolves. Truth starts to be revealed to you. Knowledge of Truth starts to come. And then your heart structures your life. Your heart builds the way you interact with others and do your business and manage your relationships.”

Keep letting go.  The Divine Being lives in constant letting go, constant surrender to whatever is being presented, because the Divine Being knows that by letting go, by surrendering every experience into the Infinite Wholeness, service to Truth can be automatically presented.  That is why you are here.  You are serving God, Truth, Divine Mother.  You are serving Love. ”

Unworthiness is the single most pervasive belief system that limits human beings, coming from the belief that we are separate from the whole, separate from God, separate from our Divine origin.”

When the heart is soft, you are more free, you have more access to your Infinite Source so that the wisdom can flow for every situation. When the heart is contracted, it blocks that flow, and you get lost and don’t know what to do. So keep the heart soft.”

Control has to be given up.  Trust has to enter—trust in the Infinite.”

This is my goal which is to completely bring you home into the full realization of who you are.  You are an Infinite Being and I want you to know that, obviously not in an ego sense, but in total humility, so that we can go on and heal the Earth, helping others, and creating a sacred planet.”

I want you to know that I am here, that you are safe, that all of the changes that you are going through are good. As you go through these changes, know that you are sitting on my lap. I am holding you. You are safe. Trust me.”

We are healing habits that you have adopted while you believed you were separate from the whole.  These habits have created behaviors and thought patterns that need to be dismantled.  They have created emotional responses of guilt, shame, terror that you are dissolving.  So the physical system has to be brought back into alignment with the Divine flow of life through the universe, the flow of life force.  When you are in alignment with the Divine flow of life energy, everything in your life goes smoothly.”

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. The power of love is the power that animates this creation. We are healed by this power. You are soaking in it. You are being released from pain by allowing yourself to be soaked in this Divine Love. It is not an emotion. It is not some romantic idea. Divine Love is life force itself, moving through you, filling you, healing you.”

You have never done anything wrong in the eyes of God; you have simply learned.”

Live in love, be in love, move in love, speak love. Exist in love, all of us in love. Come with me, be in love. Hold your life in love.”

Whenever you are confused, whenever you are miserable, breathe into the heart, open in the heart, work with the heart, chant names of God that open your heart. All the names of God affect the heart. They are for devotion and Love – all the names. Every single name of God is for nourishing the heart.”

Loving yourself is the key to opening the joy, the freedom in relative life. Instead of the word love, you could say accept yourself, honor yourself, value yourself. Value yourself and you will change everything. You will turn the pain into joy. Other people might not value you. That is not important. What is important is that you value you. That’s where your joy comes from, the real joy.”

You are given situations in this life, whether it is poverty or illness or relationship problems, or how to manage wealth.  You are given situations of your choosing, I emphasize of your choosing, so that you can learn something about God, learn something about your relationship with God.  Never give up.  The life force is flowing through you powerfully, use it. Trust it.”

You are going to have to change your thinking.  The race mind thinking, the world consciousness thinking has been to look for what to be afraid of, and then hide from it.  If you are looking for what to embrace as success, you don’t look at fear.  If you are looking at the success and participating in that, you increase that in your life.”

Our relationship is all about love, all about love.  So when you are lost and afraid and in despair, start saying, “I love you, I love you.”  I am here.  I want you.  I want you to know me.”

I know you have things to do, people to see, mouths to feed. I am not ignoring those issues. I am creating the trust between us so that you will never doubt that those issues and responsibilities will be fine, more than fine, completely cared for and taking care of. You will walk with me through your life.”

It is coming back into love, deeper love and deeper love. That is what will move you through your life and create all the miracles.”

Trust, knowing that even though you have experienced the ups and downs of life on this material plane, you are a Divine Being.”

You are Divine Beings, here to assist Mother Earth in her lifting.  Your attention is powerful.  Where you place your attention, the Infinite moves there.  As you soften through that point of attention, the Infinite meets you, and two Infinitities meet.  When they meet in a point of energetic turmoil, they calm the storm.”

Love takes over, and you learn to choose Love over the mechanisms of the mind’s chaos and confusion, the false identities, the guesswork, the false mental structures that have been built. You learn to consistently choose Love, and you discover Truth. Then you discover that the only way to maintain the peace and the freedom is to trust the Love and the Truth.”

I will do the action for you if you let go enough.”

You will find that you receive the perfect information, the perfect instructions as to how to move through every situation, letting go, softening, allowing, giving in to the Infinite Wholeness.”

You are Divine Beings living in a physical form.  Trust your divinity to know how to heal everything in this physical form.  Trust your Divine Self to know how to heal everything in your vibrational form.  Trust your Divine Self to know how to heal everything in your life on Earth.”

Love is the most powerful presence in creation. I want you to learn how to wield my power. With my power, you can open every door, unlock every gate, free every truth. I am offering you my power, which is Love. You must reach out and take it. I am asking you to reach out and take it. I love you. I will show you how to heal with Love, how to create with Love. I will show you how to lift all those around you into Love. Love means more than truth. Love means more than light, Love means more than what you have ever known ever before. I am asking you to take my Love and learn to use it. It is all that I am.”

Talk to me. I would like you to talk to me every day. You may say, “That sounds like a strange assignment. What do I do, talk to myself?” The intention is to talk to me. Practice. I am here. You just have to find me. It is like a child’s game—find Divine Mother, and rush into her arms. You will find me because I am standing right in front of you. I will keep standing in front of you until you notice me.”

Your life is a significant presence on this Earth plane.  You have needs which can be fulfilled by your alignment with Divine Mother.  I will say again: Divine Mother is the power animating the universe, so as you align with that power, your life becomes blessed by the power animating the entire universe.  You are brought under her wing.  You are brought into protection.  You are brought under the protection of the supreme intelligence guiding the universe.  You may trust this for your highest good.”

I want to make this point again.  Energy is flowing everywhere.  When you observe it, it changes.  When you observe it with intention, you create that intention.  Now I want you to know how important your attention is.  It is your magic wand.  It changes everything. So use your attention wisely.  You want certain things in your life.  Don’t attend the things you don’t want, because your attention creates them.  Attend what you want only.”

Let my love be your opening to that which is important to you. Notice what moves you in love. Follow love and see where it takes you.”

I love you. I want your abundance on this planet so that you can perform the duties you are here to perform in lifting this Earth without worry for your physical comfort. You need your physical resources to create this new world. I am making adjustments in your system to align you with my abundant wealth so that it becomes easy for you to receive everything that is being provided for you.”

When you take one step toward God, God takes ten thousand steps toward you.  But, you are a being of free will.  You must choose.  The choice is yours.  That’s the human uniqueness.”

Attention is your most powerful tool.  Where you put your attention, your awareness moves, and your awareness creates.”

My only purpose here is to bring you into Oneness with me, to bring you into the awakening that we are completely united—not just in that quiet place of non-change which supports all relative life, but even in every aspect of our movement in this creation.”

You have gotten attached to the small objects, and the small thoughts, and the small emotions. Whatever the small mind wants to investigate, let it go, soften through it. Whatever the intellect is examining, let it go, trusting in your Infinite Wholeness as you fall through it, secure in my heart. The heart is your stability in life.”

The first manifestation of the Infinite silent Wholeness is Love.  Divine Mother is the personification of Love.”

This Earth has so far been full of trials and tribulations, so far.  You know that this isn’t the way we want it.  You know what we want.  Let’s have what we want.  Let’s tear down the mask of separation, pain, fear.  It is like we are tearing down the backdrop of a play on a stage.  We are tearing down the old props, the old scenery.  I have a new set for you.  I am Divine Mother.  I want to be your environment:  Love, knowledge, wisdom, trust, building a new Earth.  But this time we know that it is just a play, so we can enjoy it more fully as we create exactly what we want on this Earth: happiness, freedom from poverty, freedom from disease, kindness, peace, end of war.  We are building this.” 

Stay in the trust.  You are creators.  Trusting is part of your domain of creating.  Trust that you can create anything.  Nothing can stop you.  Nothing.  Nothing can stop you unless you doubt.”

The power of Divine Love is your armor. Soften in the heart. You are learning how to stand in love. Standing in love means that you are allowing the love to flow out of you, the energy of love. It isn’t that you are thinking, “I love you,” or “I love that.” It is an energy of love. It is the power of life force. Love is life force. This is your greatest protection.”

Divine Mother manifests creation by going in and out of the Infinite. The trust in the Wholeness, the trust in the Infinite—that is the power.”

Attention is your wand.  You could call it the magic wand of attention.  Whatever your attention touches, you change.”

I do not want you to speak ill of yourself anymore. I do not want you to criticize or say, I am not enough. Always say that you are enough. You are no longer going to speak about the sad, bad experiences of life that you have had. Let them go. You are beautiful. You have lived a life of Truth. Trust yourself. I love you.”

Everything is perfect now.”

You are Infinite Beings who have come here to be in a physical body.  You have experienced the pain and the suffering of separation from God.  Now you are coming home.”

Keep softening.  Practicing softening is practicing surrender until you are flowing in your physical form, in your lifestream, as a Divine flow of Divine Love.  Keep letting go, softening.  No matter what the situation, let yourself be surrendered so that the Divine wisdom of almighty Mother God can move you.”

You are powerful in your letting go. You are more powerful in your letting go than in your holding on. The letting go is your strength. The more you can let go, the stronger you become. Fear causes people to grasp and hold. Letting go creates Infinite freedom. I suggest you take Infinite freedom.”

Come to the Infinite Wholeness through every relative point in the entire universe, soften into the Infinite, and you will be infinitely supported at all times, in all of your endeavors, in every aspect of your life.”

You can experience your unity with the whole creation and the flow and enjoy the participation of your individual lifestream as a part of that.  There is a tremendous joy in knowing you are part of the overall universal flow, even though you are maintaining your attention on your individual life stream.”

I want you to know that Love is driving you. The reason you are here is because of your Love, the Love that heals. The need for healing on this Earth is obvious. You are here with your greatest power which is Love. You hid your Love because it wasn’t appreciated for many of your incarnations, & your gifts were not welcomed. So you have hidden them—buried them under fear. But now it is time to let go of the fear.”

Creation, the universe, is a flow of Infinity manifesting as whatever those who are participating hold in their awareness.”

No trickle of love is too small to notice and honor. Notice love everywhere it appears, no matter how small it may seem. Honor love, always.”

I love you. What I want to tell you is because I love you. The Earth is going to change. There are going to be some big things happening. Some people might be disturbed by them but you will not. You will know that these things are supposed to be happening and that all is well on planet Earth. The love I have for you is going to lead you through all of the changes into a beautiful, new planet.”

You have the power to free yourself. You are in charge of your energy. If you find yourself attached to a fear, cut the thread, break the thought. Don’t believe in fear. Trust your Divine Self. Don’t trust fear. Trust me. I am One with you. Trust our Oneness.”

You are magnificent Divine Beings living on a planet that needs your love. From your love comes all of the resources to change everything. You may not have not experienced the love I am speaking of, so you must trust. The brain doesn’t know what I am talking about. Your heart knows. Give me your heart and I will resurrect your life. Give me your heart and we will resurrect this Earth.”


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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I now feel connected for the first time to who I really am and what my larger purpose is.”

I just had to tell you how powerful, clearly understandable, and helpful—not to mention moving—this knowledge is!”

Divine Mother’s words have helped me to find the strength to move in the direction of my dreams.”

I so value being a part of your community - it so supports my longing to fully engage my Divine Nature”