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Free Will and/or Divine Will (Jul 29)
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Free - Deep Energy Healing (Aug 2)
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How to Recognize Divine Guidance (Aug 5)
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Releasing Mistrust (Aug 12)
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Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love.

Divine Mother’s Ascension Program Membership

Ascension is the full experience of your Oneness with God on all levels, physical as well as spiritual, mental and vibrational. The physical body is maintained, but it becomes completely spiritualized. This marks the pinnacle of the evolution of your material existence. Your physical body is transmuted by filling it with Divine energies. Ascension is a transformation at the cellular and atomic levels of your system.

During this program, Light is infused into your cells daily by Divine Mother, facilitated by Connie. You are given homework exercises that change the way you approach life in your thinking and behavior.

Ascension is the direction we are all headed. In this powerful interactive program, you will learn about the ascension process and participate in it directly.

In the Ascension Program you will receive:

  • Distant Energy Healings by Connie with Divine Mother, each and every day of the year. These deep healings keep your system immersed in Divine energy to consistently promote the power of your spiritual growth and progress.
  • Weekly knowledge teleconference meetings to update you on what Divine Mother is doing for you in the daily energy healing sessions.
  • Divine Mother’s guidance and comments in reference to your personal experiences.
  • Knowledge about Ascension, the birth right of every human being.
  • Developing vibrational skills for your own healing and to help Mother Earth transform.
  • A written transcript and a link to the recorded weekly knowledge meeting.

You do not have to attend any of the meetings to gain the benefits. Some people even join primarily to receive the daily distant energy healings. You’ll receive a daily infusion of Divine Mother’s Divine Light directly into your cells. This program of daily submersion in Divine Love and Divine Grace continually raises your vibration to a higher level.

Regarding the distant energy healing (prayers), Divine Mother has said: “These are not ordinary prayers that you are being brought in to every day. They are the prayers of Divine Mother. They are the intensity of focus of Divine Mother on you every day to transfigure your system, to create a Divine physical body so that as you walk around on this earth plane, you have access to all the power of good in the universe.”

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Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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You are a teacher that really cares, and I can feel that.”

Our son has been so happy and feels clear of his fears since he saw you.”

Thank you for helping me to live every day with an open heart. I love you”

It is lovely to work with someone like you that is so clear, loving, and filled with integrity. Thank you for being on the planet to assist with the ascension.”