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Love is the True Relationship with Everything (Feb 17)
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Refining the Brain’s Physiology (Feb 20)
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The Conscious Shift into Prosperity (Feb 27)
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The June Prosperity Healing was very powerful.” 

Energy Healing Courses

Divine Mother Guidance and Healing offers advanced energy healing courses that can teach you how to directly communicate with Divine Mother. These courses are designed for individuals who want to develop a deeper connection with Divine Mother as well as practicing healers who want to use Divine Mother Guidance and Healing with their clients.

Your body has powerful self-healing capabilities that allow you to heal from within. Divine Mother’s energy healing courses awakens and expands your experience of Her Divine, universal energy to help dissolve your blockages and allow Life Force to flow and heal your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. These advanced energy healing courses teach you how to access your connection to Divine Mother so that you can learn to clearly communicate with Her to receive Her Divine Guidance and Healing on a daily basis.

Divine Mother Guidance and Healing’s energy healing courses and vibrational healing tools differ from other types of energy healing techniques in that they offer a holistic approach to repairing your body, mind, and spirit. Divine Mother Guidance and Healing treats you for Enlightenment. They don’t just address your presenting malady. Rather, they acknowledge that your malady is just a symptom of the real issue – not experiencing your true Self. Problems are just blocks to your awakening. When your true Self is awake and vibrant, there is no illness.

Divine Mother’s energy healing courses allow you to look at full context of your whole Self and dissolve the blockages to your awakening. They allow you to treat your symptoms as a journey toward Enlightenment.

Advanced Energy Healing Courses

Divine Mother wants to empower you to receive your own guidance directly from Her and to have the skills to heal yourself and others. She wants to talk to you and work with you. She personally teaches these two courses described below, facilitated by Connie Huebner.

Dialogue with Divine Mother

You can learn to talk to Divine Mother. Divine Communication is a natural step in your spiritual growth. Once you learn how to communicate with Divine Mother, you can learn how to receive Her Divine Guidance on a daily basis.

In this energy healing course, Connie will teach you how to directly talk with Divine Mother. You will specifically learn how to ask for Her guidance and how to receive Her answers. Connie will also teach you how to verify that the communication is authentic, and how to clear blocks in your communication with Divine Mother.

Connie Huebner personally conducts this course, which consists of eight group sessions and one private session with a certified practitioner held weekly over an eight-week period. PREREQUISITE: At least one 2-hour private session with Connie.

Living in Divine Grace

This energy healing course will train and certify you to be a practitioner of Divine Mother Healing. You will learn Divine Mother’s tools and techniques for dissolving energy blockages and awakening the Divine Mother relationship in yourself and others. Profound healing sessions will strengthen your Divine connection and refine your ability to receive Divine Mother’s wisdom and healing.

As a result of this energy healing course, you will enjoy an intimate working relationship with Divine Mother. The pre-requisite for this course is the completion of the Dialogue With Divine Mother Course. Connie personally conducts this course and certifies all Divine Mother Healing practitioners.

How to Participate

All of the energy healing courses offered on this website are available to you via webcast or teleconference. When you register for any of the programs, you will be given instructions on how to attend.


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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You are the best thing that has happened to me.”

It feels wonderful, but a different kind of wonderful than being happy or elated or even relieved.  It is more like feeling free and content, unperturbed.  It is a totally different level of peace”.”

I want to thank you…for this web site, for the daily quotes sent to my email, for the free teleconference sessions, and for these questions and answer sections.  For all of it, thank you.”

Thank you Divine Mother and thank you Connie. This has made a huge difference in my life and the life of my family”