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Surviving and Moving On from Sudden Loss - March 20, 2019 (Mar 20)
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Discovering the Mystery of Love - March 23, 2019 (Mar 23)
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Sex and the Spiritual Seeker- March 30, 2019 (Mar 30)
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Feast of Light, April 2, 2019 (Apr 2)
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In short, I am very grateful for Connie’‘s paving the way and teaching us how to use our consciousness in this new deeper way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


The following testimonials are real experiences shared by real people. We respect the privacy of all our participants and do not publish names or personal data.

Thank you for showing us how to bring the light back into our lives and for showing us the ways to keep increasing it.”

Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love. The healing and wisdom that I have received has not only cleared emotional and physical wounds and challenges, but has brought deep ease, calm, simple joy and wholeness into my life. Working with Connie is like getting on the fast track of evolution!”

The healing sessions with you have cleared habit patterns which have been blocking my success and happiness.”

I could write a whole book on the benefits that I have experienced from the Divine Mother Guidance and Healing sessions. But to sum it up—- I am overwhelmed with gratitude after each of my sessions with Connie. They have changed my entire life for the better.”

I have been having a neurological problem that causes muscle spasms in the face, which can be quite uncomfortable and make it difficult to read, be outside in bright light, etc. Recently I decided to do frequent Divine Mother healing sessions by phone, instead of the occasional session. The sessions, even by phone, have really helped my face muscles and eyes to relax much more than any other treatment I have tried so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

My experience is that I am full of energy ...vibrating with it....and light. I’m in a very deep state. Thanks so much for these sessions. I really enjoy how strong and clear I feel afterwards.”

The sessions provide me with inspiration, upliftment and comfort and have greatly enriched my life. I am grateful that these wonderful sessionss are available to me.”

I have noticed that since participating in the sessions, I have been noticing a deeper, more immediate recognition of my own Divine inner guidance coming to the fore of my awareness. This experience is an "eyes-open" sort of reality that is comforting, palpable and strengthening in many areas of my day to day life.”

The sessions in my viewpoint support the unveiling of Truth within me. They are practical and the benefits have influenced my everyday life.”

The sessions definitely console, heal and open the heart deeper into the Divine. Connie is very gifted with Divine Mother's help and has the insight to what really stands in our way to be happier, healthier individuals. I no longer have digestive problems or nerve pain and many of my anxieties and fears have disappeared. I've been told by many people how different I look and how much I have changed in the last couple of years, they find it remarkable. And so do I. I could never thank Connie enough for all the help she has given me, and her tireless effort to help heal our world. Anyone that knows Connie has experienced a real Angel.”

Experience the transformative power of Divine Mother’s love. 

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Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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I used to feel “stuck” much of the time. My life wasn’t progressing.  Now I feel like my life is flowing and everything comes easily.”

What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for your blog posts!”

My friend who sees auras says my auric field is more balanced and centered.”

Thank You Divine Mother and thank you Connie, this was very lovely and I feel lighter all over”