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I used to feel “stuck” much of the time. My life wasn’t progressing.  Now I feel like my life is flowing and everything comes easily.”

What to Expect

What the Sessions Do

Divine Mother Healing sessions heal problems by addressing them at their most fundamental level. This is the level where your life energy is blocked. We find the blockage and dissolve its energy. Whenever there is a consistent problem in your life there is a blockage or confusion in the life energy flowing though your system. When your energy is flowing smoothly without disturbance, things go well for you and you are happy and successful. This is because you are in alignment with the Divine.

Divine Mother Guidance then can be freely accessed when the blocks in the line of communication are removed. You will be hearing Connie connect with Divine Mother and express her guidance and wisdom. You may find that you receive Divine Mother’s guidance directly by yourself during the session. In any case you will be cleared of disruptive energies to your life force so that you can connect to the Divine Guidance that is trying to help you move through life successfully.

Here's what some people experience:

  • A great sense of calm or deep relaxation
  • Light and energy in their body and awareness
  • Upliftment, bliss, or joy
  • Release of physical or emotional blocks
  • A greater sense of freedom
  • Greater clarity 
  • Expansion of the heart
  • A deep connection with the Divine
  • An array of improvements in everday life

How to Prepare

During the session, we recommend that you sit quietly with eyes closed, in a room where you are not likely to be disturbed. If you are participating via teleconference, listen with a headset or speaker phone so you do not have to hold the telephone to your ear. We advise you not to listen while you are driving a car, because your attention will be deep inside.

What to Expect During the Session

Connie calls upon many of the names of Divine Mother and other Great Beings from all of the religious traditions. She invites archangels, gurus, and those spiritual masters who teach that all life is one.

Connie will guide you to put your attention on different areas of your body and soften there. That means you put your attention on the area of the body with the intention to soften there. The intention is enough.

As the body changes based on the clearing of blockages in the system, you may notice physical sensations like pressure, tingling, pain, and other indications of the body healing. If this does happen, simply soften into those areas and continue listening to the guidance.

Your body will relax deeply. Some people fall asleep. Try to remain alert by sitting up and paying attention. Don’t worry if you do doze because you will still receive the healing.

Use of Vibration to Clear Blocked Energies

Because the healing you receive is taking place at the subtlest level of your energy, Connie uses verbal vibrational tools for breaking through blockages in your system and allowing your life energy to flow.

She may use ancient sacred sounds that have frequencies which heal and clear your system. She may vocalize tones to free your body from low density frequencies.

Coming Out of the Session

Come out slowly. You will be guided out of the session step by step to integrate the deep changes that have taken place and to embrace activity comfortably. Please don’t skip this step, or you might feel some disorientation which would be uncomfortable.

What to Expect After the Session

You will be different. Don’t try to put your “old clothes” back on, they will be too tight, and too small. Your awareness has embraced your Infinite Self, so don’t try to fit back into a small concept of yourself. Be natural and innocent. Many facades will have dropped and you can be more your True Self. Everyone experiences the benefits of Divine Mother Guidance and Healing differently. Enjoy your new, fresh experience of life.


Experience the transformative power of Divine Mother’s love. 

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The Divine Mother healing sessions are not related to a specific religion, church or ideology. The healing sessions are open to everyone regardless of religion, race or culture. The sessions are not meant to be replacement for any medical protocols or health therapies prescribed by a doctor or other health professionals.


Some of the many people from around the globe who have benefited from Divine Mother Guidance and Healing programs

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You are a teacher that really cares, and I can feel that.”

Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love.

I have felt huge shifts as a result of our session- Huge!  Very happy, and would like to work out a way of doing these every other week if that is possible.”

Thank You Divine Mother and thank you Connie, this was very lovely and I feel lighter all over”